An Update on Thay’s Health: 6th April 2015

Official Announcement

Plum Village, France
April 6, 2015

To all Plum Village Practice Centers,
To all Practice Centers and Sanghas World Wide,
To our Dear Beloved Friends,

We are happy to report that Thay’s health has continued to improve at the specialist stroke rehabilitation clinic in Bordeaux, where he has been steadily recovering his strength.

In the warm spring weather in the last few weeks, Thay has been able to enjoy going outside, sitting under a tree and listening to birdsong, drinking a cup of tea and enjoying the sound of the bell.

This week the medical team have given their approval for Thay to leave the rehabilitation clinic and return to his Hermitage at Plum Village. We are deeply grateful to the entire medical team at the University Hospital in Bordeaux for their professionalism and wholehearted care to support Thay’s healing over the past four and half months.

Thay expressed his clear wish to return home, and arrived on Friday April 3, in time to enjoy the beautiful magnolia blossoms and the first spring leaves as they unfurl. We are all very glad that Thay can come back to his spiritual home, where his devoted team of monastic attendants are continuing to support him and care for him 24 hours a day, under the guidance of visiting doctors and nurses.

We hope that in the nourishing and peaceful environment of Plum Village, and with the support of on-site physical therapy and speech therapy, Thay will have favourable conditions to treat his hemiparesis and make progress in swallowing and recovering his speech.

We would like to thank our global spiritual family for your loving energy and support. Thay’s journey of recovery will be long, and we thank you for continuing to send him your prayers and energy of compassion and healing.

It has been a pleasure to welcome so many of you at our monastic practice centers in America, Europe and Asia in the past few months as we walk, hand in hand, the beautiful path of awakening that Thay has opened up for us all.


With love and trust,

The Monks and Nuns of Plum Village


pdf download logoFuture official reports on Thay’s recovery will be posted from time to time at, and



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Thay plum blossom 2014




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187 comments on “An Update on Thay’s Health: 6th April 2015
  1. Satya Sullivan says:

    Continual love surrounding you, thank you for you presence, may your healing be joyous

  2. Thank you for your wisdom Thay! How strange it may seam that many people miss the most obvious. How great that you could put into words guidance for us to be able to perceive and practice the basic things for making life enjoyable. I hope for a soon recovery for you!

  3. our thoughts and minds continue to be with you, teacher, and with those who care for your well-being. thank you for the gift of mindfulness.

  4. FastingDude says:

    Please give us a new update about Thay. God’s willing, no news is good news!

  5. Margaret macken says:

    Dear Thay. I am very sorry to hear you have not been well.

    I send you love and prayers for a speedy recovery to full health.

    I am glad to hear you are back home in your community.

    Lots + lots of love. Margaret

  6. charlie thomas says:

    i am a vietnam veteran … so fortunate to have found Thay and read much of his writing. Today I am reading the Sun my Heart p 131 “Why do you cry, Sister?”

    Nếu bạn muốn hòa bình, hòa bình có với bạn ngay lập tức

  7. Merrily says:

    With peace to Thay, My stepfather recently had a stroke and left us for the next part of his journey. Your teachings from your books which I have read have helped me to deal with this and allowed me to be calmer while being with my family in the hospital. Also I was able to connect with calm and kindness, with my stepfather while he was still with us, when his mind was wandering.
    Be strong and keep striving. A stroke is quite the ultimate in the road of life, the hardest road I believe. Thank you for your selfless work which nourishes others and keeps on.

  8. Leon says:

    Dear Sangha, dear Thay — very happy to know you are home… the insight, love, and compassion emanating from Plum Village and your teachings is sorely needed in our world today. Hope to be there in just a few days for the upcoming retreat.

  9. Viet Do says:

    Dear Thay,

    I am glad you are on way to better health. Like Buddha says, life is suffering. Our temporary life gives us a chance to improve our spiritual life. Pure mind leads to Buddha path, wandering mind leads to reincarnations. Hope future generations with many more teachers like you to spread Buddha teachings.

    After my study of zen, my definition of zen: “A state of mindful awareness without opinions, attachments or fixations”. Now I just walk on the path and determined to become the path eventually.

    I thank you for your compassion to teach the world Zen Buddhism.

  10. Natalie Keen says:

    Dear Thay

    I am so happy that you are on the road to recovery and back home. Your contribution to the world has brought , and thankfully continues to bring such peace and hope. I’m extremely grateful that you are able to continue with your generous work and so happy that you get to enjoy more of what the world has to offer.

    My love and best wishes to you
    From Natalie

  11. leandro mottin says:

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    All my gratitude to you Thai, a small man with a giant heart!
    The humankind has a chance thank You Thai that guided many to the light!
    Your recover is one of the most beautiful teachings!
    Long and Happy life!
    My lovely energy for you!
    Leandro (from Brazil)

  12. Jürgen Votteler says:

    I am happy, knowing that Thay gets the best support one can think of, the support of his powerful sangha.

  13. Margaret says:

    Dear Thay, Dear Sangha,
    So very glad to know, Thay, that you are back home, enjoying the nourishment of the beauty that is Plum Village! We are all deeply grateful to the medical staff for taking such good and skillful care of you along side your attendants, for you are deeply loved and precious in this world. You have made the teachings a fresh joy and your life’s example is the embodiment of the Way. Thank you for everything you are and for everything you do! Thank you for creating such beautiful and shining Sanghas! Such elegant and loving fingers all pointing to the moon!

    In gratitude and with respect,

  14. Amanda says:

    I am recovering from a recent episode of severe depression in which I felt extreme hopelessness and despair. I went to a therapy program whose basic tenets were mindfulness and enjoying the present moment. I was immediately reminded of Buddhism (the program uses “dialectical behavior therapy”… in fact, one of our worksheets cited one of Thay’s works!). I finished reading “No Mud, No Lotus” a few days ago and look forward to my next read. Reconnecting with this beautiful practice has given me great joy and inspiration and meaning to my life and my suffering. THANK YOU for sharing your wisdom with the world. Reading about Thay enjoying the flowers and birds brought tears to my eyes. I send my love and best wishes!!!

  15. YuanZhi says:

    Thank you,my perfect teacher.

  16. Chan Y Nghiem says:

    Dear Thay
    I am very happy to see Thay will come back PlumVilage with good healthy. I always pray for your health with my love

  17. rodrigo alen says:

    Amado Maestro, tu vida entera ha consistido en dar. Recibe ahora nuestro amor mas puro. Gracias compartir tu sabiduría con nosotros. Bendiciones!!

  18. Jane Christie says:

    Dear Thay,
    Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration and beautiful way of looking at the world.
    I am from Ireland and had the pleasure of attending your retreat in Killarney a couple of years ago. Your message touched me deeply and I have tried to be as fresh as a flower everyday since! May you feel the peace and love that you have shared with so many across the world now as you recover.
    Much love,

  19. chad clark says:

    Dear Thay, Dear Sangha,
    The deepest gratitude for your teachings and blessed presence in a world so full of pain and confusion.

    Being Peace , Chad

  20. Larissa says:

    Beloved Thay,

    Thank you very much for being in this world and showing us through your wonderful teachings a way to awaken. May your healing process continue to proceed well. Many blessings, much love and strength to you!

    With gratitude and love,

  21. Andrea Oliveri says:

    Dear Thay,
    I am from Chile..and now here living in Canada. Your life and teachings have touched my life deeply in very difficult moments. You have had strong committment with the We are with you in this stage you are living. I am glad to know that you are back to your home, in your community.

  22. kay Maughan says:

    Dear Thay I continue to pray and send Love and Blessings for your recovery,you have given me so much joy and inspiration.
    Thank You. Much Love and Many Blessings. kay

  23. Jane says:

    Dearest Thay,
    I have been following your progress through your wonderful staff at Plum Village. It is a gift to hear about any progress you are making. I know from having cared for my dear mother after a devastating stroke, the path back can be long, slow and arduous. And you are truly given this time to live in every moment as you continue to improve. You are not alone in your journey as I’m sure you see daily…and you have the knowledge that others who experienced this before you, such as my mother and Ram Das, were able to find life after stroke and truly understand how the Devine can present itself to us on this earthly plane. Much love and continued healing and peace. Namaste Jane

  24. Jewel says:

    Dear Thay, I had the gift of going to Deer Park Monastery yesterday & hearing you speak via a taped message from 2006. To hear your words, your wisdom. I so appreciate your teachings and am thankful to read your books. You have done so much to help create peace in this world. What a gift you’ve given us. Praying for healing and wellness for you.

  25. Amanda Sturman says:

    The Blessed One has protected you mind stream dearest Thay. My the clear light continue to shine within you. The world has been blessed by your recovery.

  26. Tracy White says:

    Be well dear Thay, we love you so very much. :)

  27. Nguyen Ngoc Bach says:

    Great thanks to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for Thay’s Recovering.I wish Thay full recovering very soon.May Buddhas and Bodhisattvas help him to continue his career of teaching Buddhism all over the world and building a peaceful and non-violent World.

  28. Lynda Lien says:

    Great news that Thay continues to gain strength and heal. Sending love and prayers from Washington state, USA. Bless you dear Thay.

  29. Jenny Casey says:

    Sending love and gratitude to Thay, and indeed to all, from Sandy Hook, CT USA.

  30. venu BONDALAPATI says:

    you connected every piece of organism in this universe and made everyone happy. You see everyone’ happiness in you as you contain the multitudes of this vast expansive screen of the universe. Long live Thy!
    with love,
    Venu,ON, Canada

  31. Annie says:

    Dearest Thay,

    I have a postcard of you resting in a place of honor on my meditation table, as you have been and are an inspiration for me to breathe into my heart, where I feel peace and love for myself and for all of my brothers and sisters. I am so grateful to know that you are recovering well, and grateful to have been in your presence at Plum Village, in Vietnam, and at Blue Cliff Monastery.

    When I enjoy the moon at night, I always think of you.


  32. Ellen says:

    Dear Thay, dear Sangha,

    I am here in New Zealand and there with you. Sending love, smiles, healing energy and warm wishes to dear Thay and all of you. It is wonderful to see on Facebook, the daffodil next to the Buddha – green and yellow on black – solidity and peace. Thay is surrounded with love and peace at home, this is very good. I am sitting quietly breathing in and out as the bell outside chimes in the night breeze and my puppy sleeps by my side. Good night dear friends. :)

  33. path to heal says:

    Thay, Sending healing blessings of energy, strength, peace, light and love… Remembering your beautiful presence, soul– the community of mindfullness created– sitting, breathing, walking, listening to your stories, especially
    “There’s a cloud in my tea” at Blue Cliff 2013

  34. maria says:

    Dear Thay,
    You are remembered with love and appreciation here in Mt. Shasta. Sending love to you and the whole Community,

  35. Usama says:

    I am so glad and grateful for knowing those wonderful news , Thay’s health recovery is a great motivation for every one who wants to live in enlightenment to follow his steps ,read his books and benefit from this reservoir of wisdom and love

    Thanks for publishing this update

  36. Greg scott says:

    I am happy to be walking on the last stage of the Camino de Santiago starting in a few days, and will carry prayers for you on the journey, and offer them at the shrine at the journey’s end.

    With love

  37. Roslyn Fassett says:

    Spring reminds me of inner truth and life. Roslyn Fassett

  38. Chris Cashiola says:

    Wonderful news. My best wishes to Thay. Mindfulness, impermanace, and interbeing.

  39. Lita says:

    Peace is Every Step, dear Thay. You came to London some years ago, and I was fortunate enough to hear your words. Blessings on you and your dear community of nuns and monks.

  40. Thank you so much for this update & even more so for all of the love & light that Thay & each of you continue to put out into this world… I am honored & humbled to join you in doing the same thing from my home in Port Orchard, Washington… So much love & gratitude to all of you & happy healing Master Thay <3 James

  41. Linda Kelly says:

    Most serene and venerable Thay…thank you so much for enriching my life and in doing so, reaching to all of my circle of friends. Stay safe and know that I am having a mindful bank holiday here in the UK in your honour….much prayer and love, light and a bright mind with positive thoughts, followed by altruistic speech and rightful action….I promise XX love to all and keep enjoying the tea

  42. jjkklau says:

    Dear Thay,

    The Stars, the Moon and the Sun are accompanying you with all their loves. Your unceasing love is warming us even in your most critical moment, we love you.

  43. Louis says:

    Dear Thay,

    We send you our love and wish you a smooth recovery.

    Thank you for opening our eyes to the deep and wonderful teachings of the Buddha.

    The teachings on inter-being, mindfulness and living in the present moment have been life transforming. Through the practice we have learnt to be peace.

  44. T K Gopalan says:

    Respected Thay,

    You changed my life by offering the Retreat in Chennai in March, 1997. Since then you have never left my consciousness. Your physical presence on this earth is still very important to me. My gratitude to all who are caring for you.

  45. carol pedigree says:

    Thay: A Christ in the midst of a challenging world. A True Being in the midst of human error. All love you, Thay. I pray that for any who do not know of you may tune in to your compassionate words. May recovery be swift.

  46. Tony O'Mara says:

    Dear Thay and Community,

    I am so glad to learn that Thay is well enough to return to Plum Village and the loving care of you all during this beautiful season of buds and flowers. May this delightful Qi flow gently in you bringing healing and joy.

    Your neighbour, Tony

  47. marian ring says:

    Dear Thay,
    Today I saw your wellness in a flower and I took a mindful breath for you.

  48. Vickie Caskey says:

    Love to you my Brother.

  49. Marianne Michaels says:

    I am so happy that you have gone home. I know you will continue to heal in such a loving environment. You have helped so many of us, this is now your time.

  50. sarath says: death no fear.

    I have never seen you dear master,but you are always in my life for a couple of months and you will never be away from me ever.

    I have never learned a lesson so profound deep and simple as has taught me has taught me to stop smile breath rest and love unconditionally.

    Like me I suppose there will thousands of lives be touched with your love.what you are doing for the humanity is ..magnificent

    From all the love welling up in my heart I pray for you,for your health,for your recovery..

    Deepest wishes from a humble discipl from far across the globe


  51. Jacqueline Woodland says:

    Dear Thay, dear Medical team and all who are helping in Thay’s healing,
    It was such a relief to read that Thay has been able to leave the stroke rehab unit in Bordeaux and return home to his beloved Plum Village. I have held you in my prayers, Thay, and imagined doing walking meditation with you and breathing for you and with you. To read that you are well enough to return to more familiar and less clinical surroundings raised my spirits. May you be free of all physical and mental health problems, and continue on your way to complete healing surrounded by the love of all of us AND your team!

  52. Jerry Leventer says:

    At times, it seems there is so much to learn and so many words to read in order to understand the teachings of Buddha. Yet, the most important teaching I have learned comes from the man I know through his books as Thich Nhat Hanh; being aware of my breath and thinking little comments along the way. The exercises are so simple and therefore the most useful to me because I can remember them and use them any time, in any situation I find myself.

    “Breathing in, I am aware of breathing in.
    Breathing out, I am aware of breathing out.”

    “Breathing in, I feel happy.
    Breathing out, I feel peaceful.”

    I’m happy to hear the good news that his health improving.

  53. Michael Meenaghan says:


    I am happy that you are recovering and relaxing in your Physical and Spiritual Garden.

    :The bird sings,
    A leaf flutters,
    Life lives.

  54. Hilary Vander Veer says:

    That is wonderful news!! Thank you for keeping the community updated on his miraculous progress. with much love!

  55. Vasantha Karan says:

    I wish Thay well. I am glad he is recovering fast because the world needs evolved souls like him for guidance. I have taken on Thay as my Spirit Father and he has stood by me during many of my hardships. I know Thay will always be with me and with the people who need him with his spiritual support, during good times and bad, no matter what.

  56. Bhakti says:

    Dear Thay and Plum Village Sangha,

    Our family is so happy to hear that Thay has been able to return to Plum Village and view the beautiful sights of spring. We send all of you our greetings and our wishes that Thay will experience the healing that comes from being in one’s beloved community. We think of you all each day with so much gratitude.

  57. Patrice Anthonio says:

    Dear Thay,

    Although I don’t know you personally, I consider you as one of my most inspirational spiritual teachers and mentors. I am very pleased to hear you’re on the mend, back home again. Sending you healing energy, much love and my eternal gratitude. Get well soon beautiful soul!

  58. Git Bengtsson says:

    Dear Thay

    You´ll always in my heart and mind. I´m so happy to hear that you are back home enjoying the spring.

    With Love.

  59. Penny H. Soteriou says:

    Dearest and most Beloved Thay,
    We Love you so much. Thank you for your beautiful presence in this world, you are truly a living Buddha, a Prophet, we are so blessed to be touched by your beautiful teachings of the Dhamma.
    We are praying for your full recovery and healing,and we are both so happy to hear you are mindfully drinking tea again!
    We just wanted to share that we both work with herbal medicine and have found TUMERIC to be a powerful spice that helps to bring a swift recovery from stroke, it can be taken in capsules or in food or both! We have seen miracles with this herb. We pray that if this information is helpful to you that it will find its way to you.

    May Peace and wellbeing be with you Beloved Thay, you are always in our hearts.

    with Metta,
    Penny and Tucker

    • Chaitanya says:

      Thanjs for educating on Turmeric, i will myself take it with milk.It woupd be better if you email your info to the contact person at plum village or phone them. Thank you.

  60. Ruth Thomas says:

    Dear Thay, Dear Sangha

    May you be at perfect ease, wrapped in the heart of understanding and love at your beloved Village des Pruniers. So pleased you are home!

    With love and gratitude


  61. Remko says:

    Dear Thay, dear Medical team, dear brothers and sisters at Plum Village monestry,
    I am happy to here that, however Thay is in the autumn of his live, he is recovering step by step and regains his basic health. Very nice also that he is now back in his spiritual home, where he can recover steadily with the nourishment of the sanga. Thay, I send you all my positive cosmic energy to enjoy each day, breathe out and breathe in deeply and slowly, and simply catch the greatness of each moment in the present. All the best!

  62. Martha Clunie says:

    Wonderful news!

  63. Rev James Barry CP says:




    PARK RIDGE, ILL 60068

  64. Linda Joy says:

    so happy Thay is home with you all at Plum Village. Warm Spring love and thanks Linda joy

  65. Justin says:

    Dear Thay,
    I wish you a speedy recovery and all the best.
    You have been a light shining in the darkest of times for so many. May the Sangha now bring you the same comfort and peace.
    Best wishes

  66. Barbara Whipple says:

    Dearest Thay,
    Thank you for being my teacher ,
    for sharing your life and insight with the world . I think of you and what you have taught me, every day . I send you my deepest love and healing prayers . I hope to see you again, if only to give you a big hug .

    I send my love to all the Brothers and Sisters, and to all the Sangha.

    Much love,

    Awakening Path of the Heart

  67. maura says:

    Our second trip to Plum village for a family retreat this July will be all the more wonderful if we know that Thay is at home and getting better. Maura

  68. Jon Hughes says:

    Dear Thay,

    I hope you are feeling better every day and that the Spring flowers smile at you and the sun shines it’s warmth on you and that the nuns and monks bring your favourite tea to you and it heals you.

    Sending all my best wishes


  69. vic blommerde says:

    Om mani pedme hum Thai

  70. Wolf Tytschkowski says:

    Because you are still with us, Thay, the waters still run clearer and the leaves are still greener. Thank you for your inspiration. Please heal well.

  71. Sunny Lee says:

    Delighted to hear the positive news. Many thanks to the medical team. Thay, sending you loving kindness and mindful, healing energy as you continue your recovery surrounded by the sangha.

  72. Dena says:

    I am singing this song for you… here are the words: Blessed, truly blessed in the season of the spring, when all of creation is radiating. Thanks be to Earth for her bountiful display, reflecting the rainbow as it smiles across her face.

    On my rides to work I often look at a picture of you and it brings me peace. Your words have helped me center in many a storm. I am smiling now thinking of you back at Plum Village enjoying spring.

    I work with children and young people with eating disorders as a recreational therapist. We are going to paint on a wall in my movement room one of your quotes: Dear body, I am here for you. Thank you for this sweet reminder. I know your body right now is unfamiliar, responding in ways you are not used to. Please know that your life speaks volumes and so many of us are touched just knowing your feet touch this Earth and your breath is a part of our atmosphere.
    Sending Love and deepest of gratitude,
    Dena Wilder

  73. Rose Marie and Gerry Murphy says:

    So delighted to hear you are back home in Plum Village what better healing environment could you be in. Continued good wishes

  74. Lili says:

    Dear Thay,
    I love you with my heart.
    Thank you for your beauty in this world.
    You are a true living angel who has brought
    so much beauty and love into this world.
    Surely your Dharma light will shine for all
    of time. May you be well, and be healed as you
    have worked so tirelessly to heal all of us.
    May all of your great wishes and that of the Sangha
    be thoroughly granted. May your great compassionate
    will be done. Thank you Dear Thay with all of my heart
    and from the depths of my being, a gratitude which can
    never be repaid. That someone as beautiful as you would
    take time to love us all and shine your love and light in
    our very hearts and souls. You have infused us with hope, and
    because of that we can go on. Please know that you are infinitely
    loved. Because you are here the world has a bright light. There
    are not words enough to tell you how thankful we are or how much
    we need you, or how much we love you. May we show you our gratitude
    and love by practicing truly what you have worked so hard to teach
    us. Please be well.
    I love you Thay.

  75. Joanne Wilson says:

    Dear Thay – How wonderful to be back home surrounded by the familiar that supports us and bring smiles from the heart.
    There are no words of gratitude large enough for a lifetime of giving, teaching and leadership. For the many windows you have opened to the spirit of love I can only say thank you. I wish each of your days to be filled with quiet joy and wellness.
    Sending You a warm hug with caring. Joanne Wilson

  76. Sloane says:

    Dear Thay,

    I am so happy to hear that you have returned home to Plum Village. You remain in my prayers for your recovery.

    Your teachings have completely changed my life. With deepest gratitude and love, Sloane

  77. Gaston says:

    Dear beloved teacher and Sangha. A smile manifested on my face when reading this. You and the Sangha continue to inspire me on a daily basis in so many ways. And I just became grateful for the miracle of swallowing myself again. Thank you for the reminder. So many conditions for happiness…Sending peaceful and healing vibrations.

  78. Pam says:

    Dear Thay,
    I am so grateful that you are recovering in your beautiful village. Sending love and prayers your way.

  79. Len ap Wales says:

    Dear Thay – I am so glad to hear of your continuing recovery. I hope now after so many years of giving will you be given the chance to rest at least for a little. – Not good for you or me I know, but I have to confess my grief should you pass. – I pray for peace and warmth to you.

    Kindest regards

    Len of Wales – Plentyn y mynydd

  80. Noel McEvoy says:

    Dear Thay I am delighted that you are getting better so you can enjoy all the things you have opened all our eyes to. Please get better for you, not for us, please rest no pressure , the labourer deserves his rest and goodness knows you have laboured for us all good luck with the path to recovery whatever that will be and thank you for all the hard work. So put up you feet take it easy let down the load mindfully of course need it be said, and the world will still be here. thanks for all you insights I know there will be more form you as you say there is no coming or going.

  81. Margo McGeeney says:

    Dear Thay, I was delighted to hear that you are back in your beloved home, which will nourish and heal you. I send you my love and gratitude, Margo

  82. Martha Dickinson says:

    Sending prayers for healing with love from the heart to all around you.

  83. Warren says:

    Para empezar, hay que mirar la capacidad de carga de
    la batería que adquirimos, que se mide por su desempeño en miliamperios
    por hora mAh.

  84. Rosa Casado says:

    My family and myself we are extremely happy to know of Thay recovery, we will continue to pray so that his health improves day by day..

  85. teresa neil and edie mae says:

    dear thay, we are so pleased for your homecoming and so grateful to all the drs and nurses,with much love for your ongoing recovery and love to all at plum village xx

  86. kay Maughan says:

    I am so happy to hear that you are back at Plum Village dear Thay, I continue to pray and send healing thoughts to you.
    With Love And Many Blessings. kay maughan.

  87. Tony says:

    Great news. God’s blessing and peace always be with you.

  88. Thao Huynh says:

    whenever we drink tea, we smile to the cloud in tea and pray that Thay will recover. We’re happy that Thay returned home.
    Deep gratitude to all doctors, beloved Brothers and Sister, friends for support Thay’s recovery. We are with you through the long journey.

    Con có 1 bài thơ ngắn xin tặng Thầy, bài này có hát theo điệu nhạc được đó ạ
    “Thầy con có một cốc trà
    Thân tâm an trú bây giờ nơi đây
    Lòng con gió bụi mưa trần
    Quay về nương tựa nơi Thầy an vui”

    With lots of love, Thao Huynh

  89. mick mcclellan says:

    Thay has been one of the most influential people in my life, when I first read “living Buddha Living Christ” it started a transformation of my Spiritual perception. Reading the words of Jesus and the Buddha Combined with meditation and allowing the bell to (as Thay puts it), “bring me back to my true self”. I became open to the reality that it is possible to focus on only the beautiful similarity’s in all Spiritual traditions and let go of the differences. Today I try to share that spirit of open-mindedness with men and women trying to recover from addiction. As an intern at a treatment center in Minnesota that works with clients who have suffered a serious brain injury and have turned to drugs and alcohol for relief, I have been given the opportunity to facilitate a mindfulness class and practice coming back to the breath. Without Thay’s inspirational and compassionate teachings I would never have been able to free myself-self from constant mental suffering, and try to help others do same. For that I want to say THANK YOU THAY, I have much love for you and the Plum Village Community. I don’t know if I will ever have the resources to visit their in person, but I can always be there in Spirit. Peace 2 U all !! Mick McClellan

  90. ruth carter says:

    warm and happy wishes and prayers for Thay’s continued enjoyment of the spring and of being back in his hermitage. Thanks and love to him and to all who have cared for him in the past months and those who continue to do so. And thankyou for the continued updates on his health and well-being. ruth

  91. Richard Howard says:

    My heart overflows with joy as much as my eyes with tears to hear such beautiful news of Thay’s improvment…my love and meditations continue for all of you….with much metta…. richard (Ontario, Canada)

  92. Philippe says:

    To Thay, With much love, prayers from the heart and warm wishes of prompt recovery.

    • Deborah says:

      I am filled with joy to learn that Dear Thay is back at Plum village. What an inspiration you have been and continue to be. Much love and warm wishes.

  93. Willy De Jongh says:

    Simply a miracle!And acomplisht by the true heart of countless people

  94. Dianne Howard says:

    I am smiling!

    Wonderful news that Thay is home at Plum Villiage, enjoying the magnolia trees.

  95. con Thay says:

    Con tham cam on But To da dua Thay tro ve voi chung con. Cau nguyen cho Thay som binh phuc voi nhung phep la dang dien ra hang ngay trong co the Thay – vi Thay gia o nguong tuoi 90, nhung luon tre mai trong long chung con.
    Vo van tri an Thay _()_

  96. Jimyo says:

    My gratitude for your perseverance, and the wonderful news of your improved health! May you continue to find joy and peace.

  97. donna kammoora says:

    Thank you for the post and to all who have cared for Thay over the recent past, I have nursed patients such as Thay and watched remarkable recoveries. A big thank you to Thay, his walking mediation ‘I have arrived I am home’ has given me great strength to naviagate the many experiences greeting me on my path. I have had many wonderful moments in my meditations where Thay has felt present and in connection. Even though I try to practise non attachment, I am so happy that he is in recovery. Om

  98. Viviane Brachet says:

    I am so overwhelmed with joy and gratefuoness fo hear that Thich Nah than can enjoy Spring time in Plum village.
    Viviane Brachet from Mexico where the magnolias also bloom

  99. Marie O'Kelly says:

    Welcome home Dear Thay. We look forward to hearing your beautiful voice again. Marie

  100. I wasnot your time to leave this earth.I hope you continued recovery.

  101. Benedetta says:

    (Inspiro e espiro) Inhale and exhale i feel happy and the good news of Thai make me smile, I can feel energy growing, I thank for my tiny mindfulness. Et je recommence.

  102. Zenni says:

    Dearest Thay
    I have learned so much from you. Although I am still living at the same place and with the same people, my thoughts and my feelings are different. For more than 20 years, I used to cry myself to sleep every night. I don’t do that anymore. Because of you, I have arrived. I am home.
    Please, Thay, please breathe in and receive the healing powers of the universe…
    I am breathing with you, with gratitude and healing blessings…
    Thank you to all who have the privilege to help Thay with his recovery to health. Thank you, thank you so much.

  103. Inge Riebe says:

    may his strength and patient endurance be an example to all as his love has always been.

  104. Victor says:

    So happy to hear of your healing and return home!

  105. Dr Nuwan Dissanayaka says:

    Your teachings have been an inspiration. Sending metta from the UK, Nuwan

  106. Welcome home Thay to familiar surroundings, to colleagues and friends and family. May this spring heat and sun bring you renewed strength and healing. With every breath I am with you, cleansing and energizing our bodies as the synapses re-connect and you find new movement and expression. In love, always, Roger thank you Master.

  107. Hanh says:

    Welcome back home, Thay! We are so glad that you are back home. Our hearts are with you, recover soon Thay!

  108. claudine says:

    I feel grateful for you to share this beautiful news.

  109. julian coates says:

    very pleased to hear this excellent news

  110. Tarika Hoffmann says:

    So happy to read the Update about Thay’s recovering and the good news that he is able enjoying the springtime.

  111. Gaye :) says:

    I am so appreciative to those who are dedicating themselves to Thays recovery and are keeping us updated. Breathing for you :)

  112. Eileen Graves says:

    Dearest Thay,
    Sending love and blessings and joy. What happiness that you are able to return to Plum Village.
    With gratitude,

  113. Keith Higgins says:

    As I begin my eighth decade of life, I reflect on the fact that, as a late-life baby, I had no elders in my family. Since I discovered his teachings, I have looked on Thay as a wise, compassionate, and loving uncle. I have learned, and passed on so much from his example, his parables, his love for all things. I cannot say that I walk the path as well, because old negative habit energies are hard to change, but I’m trying, and each day I get a little better. I’m so happy that his recovery is going so well, and even happier to have him back in his adopted home. My uncle, my brother, myself…bless you, and may your message of peace invest us all.

  114. Pru says:

    Heart warming news

  115. andrea says:

    Breathing with Thay.
    Grateful for your devotion to his wellness.
    Grateful for his teachings.
    Thank you for letting us learn with him during this process.

  116. Sadhana Goulston, Mollymook Dru Yoga, NSW Australia says:

    Wonderful news! so glad Thay is recovering well with tender care in the scent of magnolia blossoms, as we are blessed with his light as it shines around the globe. Love to him in his healing.

  117. I am so happy to hear of his progress, and learning that he is now back home where he is comfortable. Thank you for taking such good care of such a wonderful inspiring man, whomever you are, Doctors, nurses, aids, and of course the monks, & nuns!

  118. Lembrouk says:

    Merci pour tout le travail que vous faites et les soins prodigués au Maître Thay
    longue vie au grand sage Maître thay
    mes prières vont vers lui et a vous tous

  119. Judith Clifton says:

    You mean so much Thay to so many people throughout the world, may you receive the healing blessings you deserve..
    I wish you peace and contentment back where you belong.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Much love to you precious one. XXXXX

  120. kim dutta says:

    Good news. Long may Thay live happily in recovering his health. Bless his heart. So grateful to him.

    • Heather says:

      such wonderful news!! I think of Thay often & send my best for his full recovery and good spirits. So happy he is home, finally! He has made tremendous progress!! I feel very happy today :D

  121. Angela Allen says:

    Wonderful news! Thank you for posting updates. How joyful you must all be to have his beautiful light back in your midst.

  122. Christopher LaForge -"Breeze of the Heart" says:

    Thank you so much for the update,… we appreciate hearing of Thay’s progress. Thank you all once more.

  123. Marcus says:

    I’ve been checking for any news on my dear mentor and friend.
    This is a very difficult time for me with much suffering, but both Thay and this (online) sangha have steered me through it. You taught me to let my insight grow and to get stronger every day.

    So even when ill, just drinking a cup of tea, Thay’s compassion and clarity is of as great a use to me. I hear him as clearly as ever. Even though we never met and we’re miles apart. That is why he is one of my best friends.

    Thank you Thay and Plum Village!

    May Thay soon again enjoy his health, strength and wellbeing.

  124. Lee lavelle says:

    I am so glad to hear that Thay is at home now. I wish him so much love and peace and everyone at Plum Village. I met them all here in St Catherine’s on a retreat and it was a blessing and a joy to be part of it. Much love, lee

  125. cathy J says:

    Prayers, as always, have been answered. :)

  126. Continue your healing Thay, with the loving support of your world wide sangha.

  127. Pat Chase says:

    Happy teachers will change the world. Indeed you have, Thay! You are in my thoughts daily.

  128. Thank you for keeping us updated on Thay´s wellbeing! So good to know that he is strong enough to return home and that he is enjoying spring. I am very grateful for Thay´s ongoing inspiration to practise every day and every moment. Every time I do I feel very much connected to Thay and the whole sangha.

  129. louisa says:

    Thich Nhat hahn I’ve always learned from your teachings even if I don’t belong to your community. I continue to pray for you. Please be well.


    Thay quel homme magnifique, une Lumière du monde qui en a tant besoin, j’ai si souvent prié pour lui durant ces derniers mois que ces nouvelles me réjouissent
    quelle joie va l’envahir quand il va arriver dans son village des Pruniers
    je lui envoie mes plus tendres pensées d’amour…..
    Chantal **

  131. louis says:

    Gracias Thay, en este tiempo de su hospitalización cuando he estado pasando por alguna situacion he escuchado su voz aconsejandome. Ya su energia esta en mis celulas y se que que esta conmigo donde quiera que voy. Hoy estoy super contento de que este de regreso con tu comunidad. Que sigas mejorando cada vez más y gracias por tus enseñanzas

  132. Lotus Do says:

    Grateful Loving happy feeling the joy of spring rebirth in and around Thay as the tree bones become green flourishing before blooming in the season of Healing

  133. Carrie Eastman says:

    Blessing & Complete Healing for Our Dearest One

  134. Cecelia Cynthia Bonner says:

    Thay, a graceful and kindred spirit, I thank you for your dedication and relentless love for inspiring others to be mindful and thankful for each awakening moment. Many blessings to you, my Thay.

  135. Pru grand says:

    Wonderful news that thay is going home! Blessings…

  136. Claire says:

    Thank you so much for keeping us updated about Thay’s well being. It is wonderful to know that he is back with the sangha. It also touches my heart to know that he is there enjoying the birdsong and all the wonders that spring brings. Yesterday, I was sitting outside listening to the birds, enjoying the sunshine, and watching the bees and butterflies. I was practicing for Thay.
    You have given me the greatest gifts of my life, dearest Thay. Dear one, I know you are there and I am here for you. Sending all my love, compassion and healing energy to you and to all beings. x

  137. Sharon rose says:

    Delighted that dear Thay is doing well xxxx

  138. Simona De Serdici says:

    May Thay’s health improve from strength to strength. It is so good to know his health has progressed far enough for him to be able to go back to his Hermitage at Plum Village, where he will be surrounded by love from the Sangha and from all the trees and plants and nature. May his health grow each moment stronger and stronger. May he progress to be able to swallow his food and to be able to use his voice even in a simple way. May he be well, happy and at peace in his spiritual home surrounded by love and care. Peace +Metta, Simona

  139. Fred says:

    The news that Thay has returned to his spiritual home, Plum, makes me very happy. I wish him further recovery and I am sure the sound of birds singing, the blossom of the trees and the sound of the bell will help him and heal him. As I sit and breathe mindfully, Thay is always a part of me and I am a part of Thay. Inter-being whereever we are.

  140. Atula Shah says:

    Very happy to know that Thay is back home & that he is recovering & is in good health & spirits. One thing I have learnt from Thay’s illness is that we humans have the power to heal our inner self if we have the will & the faith. With deepest gratitude to all who looked after & cared fro Thay & continue to do so. From Nairobi, Kenya With Metta, atula shah

  141. Patrick Cicognani says:

    Welcome home, Thay! Kihelakayo:”keep going!” in Lakota/Sioux

    in mindfulnees of Spring, best wishes

    Patrick Cicognani

  142. Yozen says:

    Excellent news, Thay is back home..
    We have had him in our daily service since November and will continue to do so.
    Blessings to him, and the team who is looking after him!!
    Yozen and Kakua

  143. Petra says:

    From my heart I send Thay love and health. as well to the Plumvillage community. I am deeply thankful for so many of Thay’s words and books which have been reassuring and soothing for me. Bless. Love.

  144. Joy Birley says:

    Wonderful news. So glat Thay will be able to enjoy each spring day with all nature’s wonders opening.

  145. Tee Zee says:

    I am so glad Thay is doing better. I wish him a speedy recovery and I look forward listening to his live lectures soon. Thay, once you’ve said that “Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today,” and today I am practicing it with love and compassion.

  146. Peter Lau says:

    So the body nor the form is neither empty. Only our mental image or the illness is empty.

  147. Lee Mitchell says:

    Many healing blessings for dearest Thay and all those healing from strokes. Breathe in healing, breathe out gratitude.

  148. Rohit says:

    I’m so blessed to have Thay in my life. Thank you dear friend. And so happy to know that you are recovering. Lots of loves and best wishes.

  149. Hillary Wilson says:

    Merci pour en haut les dates sur le Maître Thay. Je suis heureux qu’il progresse. Dites-lui s’il vous plaît accueillent à la maison de moi.

  150. Denise says:

    I am so happy he is able to be home. May the peace of the place help him heal.

  151. Scott says:

    Namaste All-Ji,
    I have been Sitting, Walking daily since reading the news of Thay’s medical condition back in November.
    My heart & face smile deeply with this latest update!!
    -Scott Cutshall

  152. Celia Wildroot says:

    I am so happy to know that this beautiful teacher is doing this well, able to breathe in the beautiful spring air, and hear the birds singing and the sound of the bell.

  153. Jack says:

    My heart is so full at reading this blessed news of this Sacred Master!

  154. mina says:

    MY GOD!!!!!!! So glad of hearing this!!!!! We hope a soon recovery in his home so loved by all Plum Village and By us! THANK YOU NUNS AND MONKS of Plum Village for writing about Thay’s health!

  155. Thay was instrumental in opening my heart to my spiritual path. I was so blessed many years ago to have been able to do a silent meditation walk, have dinner and a lecture in Providence RI, with sister Chang and the many others supporting Thay on this trip. I remember it everyday and send blessings to Thay and the monks and sisters daily since than. Thank you for lovingly taking care of Thay and continuing his mission.

  156. Ron Beasley says:

    This is indeed wonderful news, many of us feel a great sense of relief. All best wishes for a peaceful and happy recovery.

  157. Gabriel Craft says:

    Metta & Blessings to Thay & to the worldwide Sangha from Gabriel Craft (Iwate, Japan)

  158. Karunakshi says:

    We love you Thay,
    Wishing all blessings for
    Steady recovery we need your presence always !


  159. Luz Galvan says:

    Que alegría tan grande, que el gran ser humano que es continúe con nosotros un tiempo más.
    Gracias por compartir tan hermosas noticias y plegarias para su total recuperación.
    Saludos desde Mexico con amor, admiración y devoción.

  160. Christine Beaulac says:

    What wonderful news to hear that you are home again my friend!

    I was just a small town girl, existing in a life so disconnected from the world.
    On April 27, 2013, I had the good fortune of experiencing ‘ TOUCHING PEACE ‘
    Your beauty and loving, soothing speech spoke to me from a clear and honest heart space which entrusted me to become one of your students.

    Merci pour tout tes enseignements, ta paix et ton amour! Prends soins! Je t’aime mon amie!!!

  161. Jody says:

    My heart is singing uncontrollably !!!

  162. Mongolia says:

    God Bless him. Thank you for the report! I smile when I think of Thay…

  163. Thomas Ziegler says:

    So good to hear the good news of your progress . Blessings for your continued progress to a complete recovery . May your spoken teachings , be forth coming in the near future . Love and healing to you Thay!

  164. Marjohn Love says:

    I listen to Thay chanting “The End of Suffering” to Gary Malkin’s evocative music on the CD Namasté and it soothes my soul.

  165. Richard Douglass-Chin says:

    Thay for you I practice smiling and gratitude so I might live up to the name you so wisely gave a cloudy me–
    Happy Sunshine of the Heart

  166. Thay has been an inspiration to me since the 1970s. His deep gentle compassion for former U.S. soldiers suffering post traumatic stress astounded me. I am so grateful for his healing and I pray his recovery continues in the safety, security and love of his devotees at Plum Village.

  167. This is joyful news.
    Smiling deeply,

  168. Gerri Gurman says:

    I am so happy that Thay continues to recover. He has brought so much peace to so many and continues to do so as he heals and demonstrates healing to the world. You are love, Thay. Thank you

  169. Valentine says:

    This is wonderful news!! Thank you all for supporting him !!

  170. Janet says:

    So happy to hear this latest up date, thank you. Sending out more loving, healing energy, and stand in awe at what the power of love can do and has done for Thay. Sending you love and light and joy and peace. ~”Darling, we are here for you”~

  171. jeff says:

    Thank you for recovering. This great news! Forever grateful for your wisdom, love, and compassion.

  172. Precious Thay, Welcome home; Two precious words that mean so much to us your followers. We are but flowers blooming along the shore to support you on your journey. You have continued to teach us through your illness and adjustment period to a new wholeness. Thank you, Precious Teacher.

  173. Carlyn says:

    I am so happy to hear the news of Thay’s recovery process. I pray for continued recovery and his improvement.

  174. Jean McAlister says:

    Sending love and best wishes for your complete recovery xx

  175. Pamela Howard says:

    Healing moves through many chapters and now this new chapter back home at Plum Village will strengthen and bring peace to Thay just as his presence strengthens the community and those everywhere who love him.
    Pam Howard

    • Beloved Thay, thank you so much for offering your teachings, presence, and smile to me. My life has changed so much. I honor G*d with my practice, my Sangha is my true church. I love you with all my heart, and dedicate my life to the practices and insights that you have offered and continue to offer. Love, Elly.

  176. maire says:

    Wonderful wonderful news. This is a happy moment.

  177. Robert Cox says:

    The tea tastes wonderful!
    May we all in deep gratitude enjoy this present moment.

    • Wonderful news

      Sending Thay much Love and deepest gratitude

      So glad to read he’s now home

      My Tea is tasting ever more wonderful this morning.

      From Mangalo

  178. jacqueline dubois says:

    God bless him………!

  179. Ronna says:

    So grateful that Thay is at home and improving steadily with the love and support of all.
    I have just read a book by Norman Doidge called “The Brain’s Way of Healing” that has many different non-invasive healing practices (many based on eastern medicine philosophy) that use different forms of energy to change/stimulate the brain to heal itself and physical manifestations….based on neuroplasticity and the mind (body) connection. There may be a therapy or therapies that would benefit Thay or others.

  180. Michael Detweiler says:

    Blessings to Thay! Sending him lots of Love from Northern Pennsylvania.
    Compassion is widening throughout the world.
    Wide grins to you all!
    Keep your keen humor, my Friend!

    Mike Detweiler

  181. Françoise says:

    Merci pour ces belles nouvelles !!

  182. I’m so grateful that Thay is covering so well. These updates lift my heart! Thank you. I will remember to smile at the cloud in my tea.
    Peace be with all who suffer.
    Namaste and love!