Lower Hamlet during Summer Opening 2014 – information for families

Every Summer Plum Village welcomes families with children to come and practice with us. It is a joyful, playful time for everyone, and a highlight of the year in the monastery.

We typically offer a programs for children aged 6 to 12 years in three different hamlets:

  • French, Italian and Spanish-speaking families in Upper Hamlet
  • English-speaking families in New Hamlet
  • German and Dutch-speaking families in Lower Hamlet

However, Lower Hamlet is undergoing urgent renovations to meet the current building standards and regulations, and as a result Lower Hamlet cannot offer a program for German and Dutch-speaking children in Summer 2014.

Work on the dining hall, kitchen and principle buildings is not yet complete, and it is not safe to allow children on or near the site.

We would like to invite Dutch and German speaking families participate in the Dutch and German children’s and teens programs during Thay’s Family Retreats at the EIAB in Germany this August. This will be during the school holidays:

  • German-speaking retreat: 12-17 August
  • Dutch-speaking retreat from 19-24 August
  • You can register here.

    Another possibility is to join the Dutch and German children’s and teen’s programs during the EIAB’s own “Summer Retreat” from July 11-18.

    Please note: Other Plum Village hamlets (eg. Upper Hamlet or New Hamlet), cannot host Dutch and German-speaking families during the Plum Village Summer Opening, as they are already hosting children’s programs in other languages.

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