Visiting Us

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You are warmly invited to visit Plum Village and practice with our growing international community of practice and to enjoy the wonderful energy of mindfulness. The Retreat is for us to enjoy simple and peaceful living, and thereby nurture our own inner growth. We take time to look deeply in order to transform both our individual difficulties and the difficulties in our society.

Our practice at Plum Village helps us weave mindfulness into all of our daily activities. In this way we can practice meditation throughout the day, while eating, walking, working mindfully, sitting, or enjoying a cup of tea together. Visitors participate in community activities such walking and sitting meditation as well as community work such as arranging the meditation halls, cleaning bathrooms, washing pots and other simple tasks as part of the daily practice of mindfulness.

We emphasize community practice so that we can support each other, benefit from our collective energy, and learn to live together in harmony. We request everyone to contribute to the collective energy of practice by joining in all the scheduled activities.

Plum Village observes a monastic way of life year round; we ask our guests to observe our way of mindful and ethical living as expressed in the Five Mindfulness Trainings. The Five Mindfulness Trainings are the foundation of the Plum Village community, bringing happiness and meaning to all that we do. Specific practices for Plum Village include, refraining from sexual activity, not smoking and not using alcohol or intoxicants. In addition to the five trainings, we are also practising a vegan diet. Please do not bring non-vegan foods, alcohol, or other intoxicants to our practice centre.

Plum Village France has 3 Hamlets. If you come as single men, then you only can register at Upper Hamlet, single women registers at either New Hamlet or Lower Hamlet. For couples and families are welcome to register in any hamlet.