Arrival & Departure

Please make your travel arrangements so that you can arrive at Plum Village on a Friday, our regular Arrival Day, or the specific Arrival Day(s) for your retreat:
Italian Retreat: Arrival on Tuesday August 26th
Francophone Educators Retreat: Arrival on Saturday October 25th

Please arrive in the afternoon, so you can arrive in your hamlet by 6pm at the latest. This will give you time to register, settle in and have an early dinner (we usually eat around 6pm) before your first evening session at 7.30pm. We provide transportation to and from the station in Ste Foy la Grande on Arrival and Departure Days. Please remember to let us know which train you’ll be on.

In order to support the collective energy and stability of our retreats, please do not arrive on a day that is not the specified Arrival Day.

We offer an Orientation about Plum Village practice and the week ahead to new retreatants either on Arrival Day evening (at 7.30pm) or the following morning. The orientation gives essential information about our practice and will help you enjoy your stay. Please don’t miss it.


During Spring, Autumn and Winter, please arrange your departure time between 9am-12 noon on our regular Departure Days, to give you time to relaxingly pack and say goodbye. 

Please note:

  • During the Summer Opening on Departure Day mornings there may be presentations by monastics in the hamlet where you’re staying, finishing around 11am. We provide shuttles to Ste Foy Train Station throughout the day on Departure Days, starting at about 7am.
  • During special short retreats with Thay (eg. Italian Retreat, Francophone Educators’ Retreat), there may be a Dharma Talk by Thay on the morning of Departure Day, finishing at midday. For such retreats we would recommend that you organise your departure for after lunch.

Here are a few options for train travel from Paris:

  1. Charles de Gaulle to BordeauxBordeaux to Ste. Foy La Grande
  2. Charles de Gaulle to Libourne, then Libourne to Ste. Foy La Grande
  3. Paris (Montparnasse) to BordeauxBordeaux to Ste. Foy La Grande
  4. Paris (Montparnasse) to Libourne, then Libourne to Ste. Foy La Grande

Find out more details about transportation.