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Love Letter to the Earth

TO CELEBRATE EARTH DAY we would like to offer you the following mediation, which is a is a love letter to the Earth, written by Thay. It is a contemplation that can help create an intimate conversation, a living dialogue, with our planet. Above all, it is a practice of looking deeply.

Excerpted from “Love Letter to the Earth” by Thich Nhat Hanh 


Dear Mother Earth,

I bow my head before you as I look deeply and recognize that you are present in me and that I’m a part of you. I was born from you and you are always present, offering me everything I need for my nourishment and growth. My mother, my father, and all my ancestors are also your children. We breathe your fresh air. We drink your clear water. We eat your nourishing food. Your herbs heal us when we’re sick.

You are the mother of all beings. I call you by the human name Mother and yet I know your mothering nature is more vast and ancient than humankind. We are just one young species of your many children. All the millions of other species who live—or have lived—on Earth are also your children. You aren’t a person, but I know you are not less than a person either. You are a living breathing being in the form of a planet.

Each species has its own language, yet as our Mother you can understand us all. That is why you can hear me today as I open my heart to you and offer you my prayer.

Dear Mother, wherever there is soil, water, rock or air, you are there, nourishing me and giving me life. You are present in every cell of my body. My physical body is your physical body, and just as the sun and stars are present in you, they are also present in me. You are not outside of me and I am not outside of you. You are more than just my environment. You are nothing less than myself.

I promise to keep the awareness alive that you are always in me, and I am always in you. I promise to be aware that your health and well-being is my own health and well-being. I know I need to keep this awareness alive in me for us both to be peaceful, happy, healthy, and strong.

Sometimes I forget. Lost in the confusions and worries of daily life, I forget that my body is your body, and sometimes even forget that I have a body at all. Unaware of the presence of my body and the beautiful planet around me and within me, I’m unable to cherish and celebrate the precious gift of life you have given me. Dear Mother, my deep wish is to wake up to the miracle of life. I promise to train myself to be present for myself, my life, and for you in every moment. I know that my true presence is the best gift I can offer to you, the one I love.

FOR US TO SURVIVE, both as individuals and as a species, we need a revolution in consciousness. It can start with our collective awakening. Looking deeply, with mindfulness and concentration, we can see that we are the Earth and, with this insight, love and understanding will be be born.

There’s no limit to where or how any one of us can have an intimate conversation with the Earth. You may even like to write your own love letter to Mother Earth.

Join the conversation

  • In gratitude I say ….
    I feel your strength as I hike your hills
    I see your beauty as I cycle your roads
    I hear your songs as I walk your paths
    I thank you for these gifts.

  • A home is cozy, reliable, safe. A home is always there for you, good and bad. A home respects you for who you are, and wants to be respected in return.

    Nothing is different with our Home Planet. Treat our Home Planet like our Home. Because at the end of the day, it’s our one and only true home, and all we want to do is sleep peacefully in our beautiful home.

  • Dear Ibu pertiwi, we feel your love embracing our life. In every step of our way. We can not thank you enough for all the thing you have given us , without judgement.

  • People,
    Mother Earth is weeping.
    She cries out for help.
    Protect and care for her,
    She will nourish and sustain us.
    It’s all we need.

    Schola Magdalena had planned an Earth Day concert for this evening. In lieu of that event, we offer this video of the song “We Shall Overcome” attributed to Rev. Charles Tindley (circa 1900) and arranged by our own Stephanie Martin. The link is here:


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