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Mindful of Nature

How do we connect with nature? Can nature help us to be mindful or handle our suffering? Three members of the Plum Village monastic community share their personal experiences.

“My views of what is called ‘nature’, has changed”

Sister Loc Uyen, explains how she went from being quite disconnected from nature to seeing, the sun, the trees, and the earth as her family.

Interview with Sister Loc Uyen (4 mins)

“What helped me was to have compassion”

Brother Phap Ly gives an example of how nature has helped him after difficult emotions came up and explains how he deals with the suffering that comes from being aware of the damage being done to nature.

Interview with Brother Phap Ly (8 mins)

“Every one of us being healed by nature in every moment”

Sister Linh Di explains how nature brings her into the present moment, the healing power of nature, and how she would connect to nature if she lived in a city.

Interview with Sister Linh Di (7 mins)

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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