Update: We are offering online retreats while Plum Village France remains closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mindfulness for Teachers In and Out of the Classroom

Helping Teachers to Bring Mindfulness into the Classroom

Wake Up Schools is a Plum Village initiative which supports educators to bring the practices of mindfulness and applied ethics into their own lives so they may be happy and free, and so they may in turn share these practices with colleagues and students in their school communities.

At our Wake Up Schools webinar on 20 October 2018, one of our senior teachers Richard Brady  who founded the Mindfulness in Education Network, shared about his international work to help teachers to embody the practice and deepen their ability to share the practice. Richard summarises our Level I training, which supports the deepening of the teacher’s personal practice and introduces them to key elements of our Plum Village tradition, including our emphasis on community and the strong role that happiness plays in our practice. Level II training offers some teachers the opportunity to be mentored by a dharma teacher in order to explore ways to continue sharing their practice at work.

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Teachings from Plum Village Dharma Teachers given at our New Years Educators Retreat 2018/19

Wake Up Schools is funded entirely by donations. To support our work , you can go to https://thichnhathanhfoundation.org/ and earmark your donation for the work of Wake Up Schools.

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What is Mindfulness

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