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Moments of Joy

A new poetry book from Plum Village Sister Jina, one of Plum Village’s senior Dharma teachers.

This is the first full-length collection of poems from Sister Jina (also known as Sr Dieu Ngheim). Living simply and practicing deeply for many years at Plum Village, Sister Jina is one of our most beloved senior Dharma teachers, known for her embodiment of the teachings, her warmth of character, and her Zen poetry.

In this book, each short verse radiates the energy of a single moment of awareness. Following in the footsteps of her teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, Sister Jina has written poems which help us to savor everyday life with mindfulness and gratitude.

Sr Jina
Oh, how I love to watch
The rain and the wind
Playing together
From behind my window
Underneath the tree
Yellow Autumn leaves
A delicate carpet
I tread gently

In the United States, you can purchase this book through Parallax Press. For the rest of the world, you can purchase this book through your local book store or online.

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