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Mother, Hear Our Call

Sister Chân Mai Nghiêm

Mother, hear our call,
Here we stand.
No matter where we stand,
We are your children.
And we stand for the Truth of our Oneness.

Drawing by Sister Chân Hài Nghiêm

May we stand in the steadiness of your Love

To protect you, Mother,
On your lap, we stand
To protect the humanity of all hearts
Facing each other, we stand.
In the Truth of our Oneness, we stand.
May we stand with no anger.
May we stand with no fear.
May we stand with no discrimination.
May we stand together,
Our hearts beating on the rhythm of the ancestor’s drum.

May we stand in stillness.
Calling upon winds and rains to carry our hope,
Opening hearts;

Calling upon stars and suns to radiate our faith,
Opening eyes;

Calling upon hawks, trees and rocks to whisper our truth,
Freeing spirits.
And as we walk,
We’ll keep on standing;
As we sit,
We’ll keep on standing;
As we lie,
We’ll keep on standing
As we dance and sing,
We’ll keep on standing.
Mother, hear our prayer,

For here we stand.

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  • It’s a wonderful poem touching my heart. However, there is one expression I don’t understand. Why are you calling upon hawks rather than birds. Has the hawk a special meaning like it is the case when you use it in a political sense

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