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Global Optimism – Interview with Sr True Dedication and Br Phap Dung

Global Optimism – Our beloved monastics Br Phap Dung and Sr True Dedication share about our practice, the COVID19 crisis and climate change to help us during these difficult times.

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  • Dear all, I feel I have been away for too long, I remember the walks in PlumVillage mindfully observing..I woke up missing those days and just realized those moments are available here even during these difficult times for many, always, again, the present moment is just recreating the past in in new and creative ways..peace for all.

    Auspicious calling of the heart,

  • what I see is that nature seeks to be balanced.
    As we have upset the balance so the natural order
    in its pursuit of balance will cause us to adjust.
    I believe it will take leaders that care about all life
    on the planet if we are to enjoy our life on this planet.

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    What is Mindfulness

    Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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