True Virtue: The Journey of an English Buddhist Nun by Sister Annabel Laity

Sister Annable Laity during a book signing session in the EIAB, August 14 2019.

Sister Chân Đức has been a disciple of Thầy since 1986. She became the first Western European woman to be ordained as a nun by Thầy on November 10th 1988 in India. 

She is a  much-loved senior Dharma Teacher and travels widely, leading meditation retreats and inspiring many with her unique teaching style throughout the world. In 2000, she became the first Western/European nun to teach Buddhist Dharma in Thailand, and is currently Dean of Practice at the European Institute of Applied Buddhism in Germany.

She has now published her autobiography in which she shares candidly about her life, her trips to India and Vietnam with Thay, the early days of Plum Village and her role in establishing new practice centers in the Plum Village tradition.

Not long after I had been ordained as a nun, my teacher Thich Nhat Hanh would ask me to write about my life.

Sister Annabel Laity (Chan Duc) in True Virtue

We invite you to read an excerpt from True Virtue, her new autobiography released on the 20th of August by Parallax Press.


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