Update: We are offering online retreats while Plum Village France remains closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Chanting / Praising the Buddha

“The Buddha is like the fresh full moonthat soars across the immense sky” We would like to invite you to listen to a beautiful chant as a prayer to all beings that moves our hearts deeply in great compassion. More chanting here

Chanting / Discourse on Love

Just as a mother loves and protects her only child at the risk of her own life, we should cultivate boundless love to offer to all living beings in the entire cosmos. This translation of the Discourse on Love has been prepared by Thich Nhat Hanh from the Metta Sutta, Sutta Nipata...

Chanting / Listening To The Bell

“With body, speech and mind in perfect oneness, I send my heart along with the sound of this bell…” Brother Phap Linh was encouraged by Thay (Thich Nhat Hanh) to use “local material” to compose music. This piece became like a meeting of two ancient traditions of Celtic Christianity...

Bert Evens ft. Marie Joëlle – Coming Home

Produced by Kenny Clarys Vocals by Bert Evens and Marie-Joëlle van der Burgt Celtic harp by Tilde Claeys Violin, alt and tenor recorder, bodhran, frame drum, Irish bouzouki by Kenny Clarys Flemish Bagpipes by Bert Evens Mixed by Ward Neirynck Song that can introduce the practice of hugging meditation

To Meditate is to Look Deeply

87-minute dharma talk given by Thich Nhat Hanh from Hong Kong. The sangha is on the spring Asian Tour and this talk is given in English with simultaneous translation into Chinese. The theme of the retreat is Happiness is the Way. To meditate is having the time is to look...

Spring Updates

Hello listening community. We have been relatively quiet here on the archive the past weeks and I want to provide an update. Following the Winter Retreat, our Teacher held a Monastic Retreat and a French Retreat. The monastic retreat is for the monastics only and the French retreat teachings...

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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