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Chanting / The Morning Chant

Listen to The Morning Chant

The Dharma body is bringing morning light.
In concentration, our hearts are at peace,
a half-smile is born upon our lips.
This is a new day. We vow to go through it in mindfulness.
The sun of wisdom has now risen, shining in every direction.
Noble Sangha, diligently bring your mind into meditation.

Namo Shakyamunaye Buddhaya
Namo Shakyamunaye Buddhaya
Namo Shakyamunaye Buddhaya

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  • I just discovered this chant after a long time of listening to Thick Naht Hahn. It is just lovely, thank you so much.
    Keep safe and well.

  • This audio is no longer available—nothing happens when you try and play or download it.

    This is really an amazing chant, and helps us start our day in mindfulness. Can you please try and upload again to make it available for all of us? It would make a valuable difference for many of us.

    Many thanks…

    • Dear David, thank you for informing us. We’ve fixed the problem and the chant is available for playing and downloading again. Enjoy!!

      • Dear Maarten, Many thanks. This is indeed a beautiful chant.

        David, thank you for noticing :-)

  • I just took the Membership survey and said I did not get enough information from you, but then I was taken directly to your website where I realized there is much you do that I had not noticed. This Audio Morning Chant is wonderful. Please know, you are doing a better job communicating than I indicated in the survey! I would welcome daily emails from you with a link to audio chants, guided meditation, etc. Another Mindfulness Center does that and it prompts me every day to meditate as soon as I wake up–or anytime. Thank you and peace.

  • It is so very heartopening to start a day with the beautiful chants and talks- thank you for giving us this present.

  • I live a long way from a sangha and so very much appreciate the talks and chants that you make available in this way.

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