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Chanting / We Are Truly Present

We Are Truly Present

With hearts established in mindfulness, we are truly present
for sitting and walking meditation, and for reciting the sutras.

May this practice center with its Four fold Sangha be supported by three Jewels and Holy Beings,
well-protected from the eight misfortunes and the three paths of suffering.

May parents, teachers, friends, and all beings within the three Realms be filled with the most divine grace,
and may it be found that in the world there is no place at war.

May the winds be favorable, the rains seasonable, and the people’s hearts at peace. May the practice of the noble community, diligent and steady, ascend the Ten Bodhisattva Stages with ease and energy. May the Sangha body live peacefully, fresh and full of joy, a refuge for all, offering happiness and insight. [bell]

The wisdom of the Awakened Mind shines out like the full moon. [bell]
The body of the Awakened One is pure and clear as crystal. [bell]

In the world, the Awakened One relieves bitterness and suffering. [bell]
In every place, the Awakened Mind reveals love and compassion.

Namo Shakyamunaye Buddhaya [bell, bell]

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  • Wonderful post Veronica! Thank you for sharing. I was in plum village last June a the feeling of peace and total contentement is still with me! I hope I could go again this Summer

  • Beloved Thay and Sangha, dear sisters and brothers in the practice,
    Thank you so much. These days I say to myself if you cannot be a shining star in the firmament, be a lamp bulb in your little room.
    And at dawn a smile is born into my lips, may my heart rise too. I vow to go through the day in mindfulness, that no rope, no rock, no mud makes me fall in shame, fear, guilt, superiority complex, inferiority complex.
    That Sunday the mud was soft and gentle and I was happy and excited, one distracted step and my bump and my two hands were kissing the mud like a lightening! It felt a blessing and before I could see, a gentle friend in the path waterfalled my muddy hands with her water bottle, and another gentle friend offered a red towel to dry them. A brother kindly encouraged me to move closer to the side of the path where the mud accumulates less deep when you are unexperienced. No reason to be embarrassed when we were on the path for the 14 Wonderful Stone Buddhas I could hear and feel all the thoughts and questions and fears inside me but they were just there and even today I remember them as tender reminders, kind teachers.
    I breathe in and as I breath out I remember the beautiful sunrises as seen from Acabanes, the bamboo sticks lighting gently from dark to red until they reach their true colour.
    With deepest gratitude,
    Verónica Neves

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