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Spreading the Dharma in Europe, The USA, and Asia

After our annual 3-month Winter Retreat, Plum Village monks and nuns have an opportunity to spread the Dharma around the world. This year, we will have Winter Retreat earlier than usual, starting on September 14th . The monastics are heading out to lead retreats and mindfulness events in Europe, The USA, and Asia. We have

Happy Continuation Day to Sister Chân Không

Happy Continuation day to our beloved Sr Chân Không as we remember her big heart and enormous contribution to Plum Village.

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Health Retreats

Three brothers in front of a blooming tree

Health Retreats, Brother Pháp Lữ and Brother Pháp Liệu, physicians in France before they became monks.

Apostles of Peace

An essay on the relationship between Thich Nhat Hanh and Dr Martin Luther King Jr..

Happy Farmers report on their crop of joyful giving

Happy farmers share about their crops from the large organic vegetable harvest to the joy and happiness gained from living and practising in harmony with each other as well as with Mother Earth. They share about how they are able to realize and share with others about the practices of mindfulness and sustainability.

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Froglessness – poem by Thich Nhat Hanh

The first fruition of the practice
is the attainment of froglessness.

Walking Meditation – poem by Thich Nhat Hanh

Take my hand.
We will walk.
We will only walk.
We will enjoy our walk
without thinking of arriving anywhere.

Expressing our Gratitude to Thầy on the Lunar New Year Day

Today we your students, monastic and lay, have gathered on the first day of the Lunar New Year to celebrate our togetherness and to express our gratitude to you and all our ancestral teachers. We are happy that you are being embraced by the fourfold community there in Plum Village Thailand. As we breathe mindfully, we also know that you are here with us as well.

90 Days at Plum Village – reflections from lay practitioners

Why would you spend a full 90 days in a mindfulness practice centre during winter, living with many monastic and lay sisters? How did you make it possible to have that time from your “real” life? What were the challenges? How have you changed? Our long-term friends at the New Hamlet candidly responded to these questions.

Shedding my hair completely, I vow to transform all my afflictions

On December 14 at 9:30 in the morning, nine young men and women entered the community of monks and nuns at Plum Village France, receiving the Ten Novice Precepts. At the same time in Thailand, 22 novices were also “born” at the Thai International Practice Centre.

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New Year Prayer to Mother Earth and All Our Ancestors

The Plum Village fourfold Sangha offered this New Year Prayer at the midnight ceremony to enter 2018.

Our True Home

Christmas is always an opportunity for us to meditate on the topic of home, our true home. Have I got a true home? A true home is a place where you feel comfortable and at ease. You don’t want to go anywhere else anymore. You feel so at home, so at ease. Have you found such a place?

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Sister Chan Khong’s Statement on Myanmar December 2017

Sister Chan Khong, the eldest monastic disciple of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, and Thay’s long-time collaborator, has written an open letter to Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar, to give the latest comments on the situation in Myanmar. Download the letter in PDF format  

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Stepping into Freedom

On the 14th of December, 2017, nine young men and women will be ordained into the Plum Village Monastic family.  For the very first time they will discover the reality of monastic life. As soon as the ordination date was confirmed, the web team gathered with the aspirants at the Upper Hamlet teahouse on a chilly winter afternoon with a cup of tea, to find out how they’re feeling.  The aspirants were beginning to feel one step closer to monastic life – a life of simplicity, humility, service, understanding, and love.

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What is an “Aspirant”?

To aspire means to aspire to something. There should be a kind of deep desire that pushes you to go in that direction. That desire makes up the vitality of the person. Each of us needs to have enough vitality, joy, an aspiration, a deep desire. So it is good to sit down and look deeply to recognise the deepest desire in us. Without this, a person is not very much alive.

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Dogwood Tree Family Ordains in Mississippi

The Plum Village monastic community grew by three on October 20th. The Dogwood Tree ordination family consists of Sr. Trang Quang Son (27), Sr. Trang Kim Son (24) and Br. Troi Minh Dung (23). They were ordained during the North America Tour Monastic Retreat in Magnolia Grove Monastery in Batesville, Mississippi. This interview took place the following day.

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Winter Retreat 2017-18 Opening: “Request for Taking Refuge Ceremony”

On the warm morning of November 15, 2017, the four-fold Sangha of Plum Village France gathered at the Dharma Cloud Temple to open the 2017-18 Winter Retreat with the “Request for Taking Refuge Ceremony”. At this ceremony, we make the commitment to practice together continuously for 90 days. The Winter Retreat is called “An Cư

2017 September 6th: Sr Chân Đức’s speech at the Union Medal Award Ceremony, NYC

Madam President, faculty, students, and friends, I feel very humbled to be a representative of Plum Village and our teacher Thay. Thay had a stroke in 2014, which means it is not possible for Thay to be here today with us, in one form. But Thay is here with us. I think he has been

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Celebrating Thay’s Continuation Day

On Wednesday October 11th monastic and lay disciples of Thay around the world celebrated their teachers continuation day, turning 91. Plum Village held a special Day of Mindfulness to be together and practice as a four-fold sangha. During an informal lunch Brother Phap Huu read the following text from Thay…

Interview with Brother Phap Luu: Freedom is Possible

“Today please sit back to enjoy a conversation on suffering, desire, the current political climate, how we can peacefully make change, the positive and negative aspects of the current university/college scene, how we can get young people to meditate, practicing compassion, commitment, and of course Brother Phap Luu’s story.” Interview with Brother Phap Luu:

Thay arrives in Vietnam

  Official Announcement Plum Village August 29, 2017 To all Plum Village Practice Centers, To all Practice Centers and Sanghas worldwide, To our Dear Beloved Friends, We are very happy to confirm that earlier today, 29th August 2017, at 12h35 local time, our dear Teacher landed safely at Đà Nẵng airport in Vietnam. This is

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Thich Nhat Hanh to receive Union Medal on September 6th in livestreamed ceremony

Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York (Union) has announced that it will award Buddhist teacher, author, and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh with the Union Medal, “which was instituted in 1981 as a means of honoring individuals whose lives reflect the mission of the Seminary in the world, the Union Medal is the Seminary’s highest award. Previous medalists include Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Vice President Al Gore, and Judith and Bill Moyers.”

The Soulmate of the Buddha 21 Day Retreat – June 1st – 22nd, 2018

We write to share a happiness that next year 2018, Plum Village will be hosting our bi-annual 21 Day Retreat once again from June 1st to June 22nd. It is a retreat focused for experienced Buddhist practitioners, especially from our Order of Interbeing community, but is also open to the general public.

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Our Environment

Sister Annabel (Sister Chan Duc) It is a lovely day in May in EIAB, Waldbroel. How lucky we are to have eyes that can enjoy the wonderful colours and forms of spring and two good legs to take us out into the woods and pastures and the time to enjoy the beauties of nature.  We

Mother, Hear Our Call

Sister Chân Mai Nghiêm Mother, hear our call, Here we stand. No matter where we stand, We are your children. And we stand for the Truth of our Oneness. Drawing by Sister Chân Hài Nghiêm May we stand in the steadiness of your Love To protect you, Mother, On your lap, we stand To protect

Two Families, One Heart:
 A Western Bhikshu Comes Home

Br. Chân Trời Phạm Hạnh I still remember vividly my community as a young boy. We had to go up the stairs and into a big hall with stained glass windows. It was full of older and younger brothers and sisters, or uncles and aunts, as we called them as children. As a little boy,

Alms Round – The Practice of Love, Humility, and Gratitude

Br. Chân Trời Nguyện Lực “The mind can go in a thousand directions, but on this beautiful path, I walk in peace. With each step, a gentle breeze blows. 
With each step, a flower blooms.”  Alms round is a beautiful practice that I like very much. Of all Plum Village centers around the world, only

Healing the Past, Transforming the Future

Br. Chân Trời Đức An Dear respected Thay, dear sisters & brothers, dear friends, My name is Chan Troi Duc An. I am a baby novice monk in the Plum Tree family. We ordained on December 14th in France, and some on the 15th in Thailand. I was born in France in 1988 and grew

I Am in Love with Mother Earth

“Every morning in winter when I wake up, I put on some warm clothes and go out to take a walk around the Upper Hamlet. It is usually still dark outside, and I walk gently, in touch with the nature all around me, the sky, the moon, and the stars. One time, after walking, I