The Buddha is like the fresh full moon
that soars across the immense sky,
when the river of mind is truly calm
the deep waters perfectly mirror the radiance of the moon.

The countenance of the World Honored One
like the full moon or the orb of the sun,
shines forth bright wisdom’s halo,
embracing all with love, compassion, joy and inclusiveness.

May the Way of the Buddha grow ever more bright
and all beings receive the Dharma rain,
May compassion cool the flames of world,
and wisdom shine through the clouds of confusion
revealing to all the path.

May Mother Earth be protected and safe,
May the people in the world be equal and free,
May the winds and the rains be in harmony,
May the land be at peace in all directions
and the people embrace the path.

May the Sangha practice diligently,
showing love and concern for one and all,
just as for our very own family,
transforming our hearts and minds
we aspire to follow all great beings.

With one heart we vow to practice
the way of all bodhisattvas, of Samantabhadra
and Avalokiteshvara, the way of perfected wisdom.

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Mindfulness of Love and Gratitude

Br. Minh Hy invites us to connect to great ancestral teachers who played a very important role in Thầy’s journey of renewing Buddhism. Inspired by their example, we can improve and refine our own practice, with faith and perseverance. We can make their practice come to life as we...

Br Minh Hy

October 30, 2022
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Peace, Reconciliation and Harmony with Right Speech

Sister Thuận Nghiêm (Sister Harmony) takes us along her life-long journey of transforming her way of thinking and speaking with the practice. She shares many true stories about the importance of checking our perceptions and speaking more humbly and lovingly. The impact of our speech is immediate and wide....

Sr Thuận Nghiêm

October 23, 2022

Wisdom, Hope, Faith

“Do not abandon your aspiration too early!” Through her own experience of fearlessness, hope, compassion, anger, and despair during the war in Vietnam, Sr. Chân Không shares how she transformed unwholesome seeds through mindfulness practices in our Plum Village tradition. Touching on difficult topics such as suicide, alcoholism and...

Sr Chân Không

October 13, 2022

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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