Dharma Talks / Breathe, Remember, Return

Br Pháp Dung

“To live is more than just to eat and run around.” We have forgotten the spiritual dimension of life. When we breathe, we remember. Remember to return to our spiritual home, to build it, to cultivate it.

We have a room for everything in our homes, even for cars. But do we have a room for peace? Or a corner for peace? We can create ways to help us remember our intention to fully, to live beautifully.

We may sabotage ourselves and react in ways that create ill feelings for ourselves and for others. We can practise to remember, and with practise, our intention strengthens. We become a place of trust, of refuge for ourselves and for others.

If we have forgotten what is trust, if we do not find it in ourselves or in the people around us, we can go to mother nature. Hug a tree, touch the earth, contemplate the moon. These elements of solidity and spaciousness are already in us. We just need to remember.

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