Songs / Lullaby of Interbeing

“Mother hold my hands. My hands are you. Your hands are in me.”

Let’s enjoy a gentle and beautiful song “Lullaby of Interbeing” so we can feel the love, care and the interbeing of each other.

Lullaby of Interbeing

by Sr. True Vow (Sr. The Nghiem)

Read: Sr. Dang Nghiem

I hear you, I hear you.

Have no fear, don’t cry anymore.

And I’ll hold you, I’ll hold you

If you only let these arms enfold you, (fold you).

And I love you, I love you.

I’ll do my best to take good care of you

Cause I know you, I know you.

You’re the apple of your grandmother’s eye.

*You’re the warrior-child who’s willing to cry.

You’re the lion’s roar from deep down inside.*

Inside, inside… I hear you, I hear you, I hear you…

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