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  • Dear Sangha, these are brilliant coloured streams of light shining out around the world. Bringing peace, joy and watering seeds on our path of practice.
    – a smile and bow in gratitude

  • I’m grateful I could actually hear your footsteps on the grit. The sound helped me to keep returning to the present moment and feel connected with you.

  • Thank you for the online events. I feel connected. I loved the extra guidance during the walking meditation. And I don’t mind the little problems _()_

  • I joined the walking meditation today and it was wonderful, I loved walking virtually across the hamlet and listening to the birds and looking to the trees. Please continue doing this, it is a great help for us we are confined at home. The pace and the instructions were very good too. Thanks a lot!!!!

  • Dear Sangha, thank you for this wonderful walking meditation today! It is a wonderful break during the day while working at home. I love the guidance given in-between as it helps refocusing on connecting with your body and the earth you are walking on, stopping, being aware of the moment and then resuming walking. Thank you for bringing peace and joy from Plum Village right into my home :-)

  • Dear Sisters and Brothers, Dear Sangha
    Thank you for the wonderful walking meditation. I enjoyed so much while walking in the woods here near Zurich I could hear the birds in Plum Village and the birds here, there were also the church bells. It was so incredible to listen bells from different parts of the world together and knowing to be walking mindfully all around the world.
    Thank you for organizing activities. Please keep on shining the Light of mindfulness.
    With loving kindness

  • My dear friends,

    Thank you for this evenings meditation. I enjoyed the live stream very much, it was just what I needed during these interesting times.

    Kind regards,


  • Heartfelt gratitude for your kindness, compassion and generosity for just simply being there for us all during these unusual times. I send metta to you all and to all sentient beings everywhere. May everyone continue to abide in good health, joy, contentment, harmony and peace of mind. Love you all…BuddhaBless.

  • please……I liked very much la meditation at 20.00h all the days.
    Now you don t have it ?
    please put it !

  • It is now so important for many people to connect with the present moment. these morning and evening online meditations have been so helpful. if there is any way that they can continue that would be amazing. the dharma is very much needs to be transmitted to those who have no source currently.

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