Paramount Theatre

Pisa, Milan, Tuscany

Plum Village – all hamlets

Plum Village is actually composed of three separate monasteries, called “hamlets“. See the links below for address of the three Hamlets: New Hamlet Lower Hamlet Upper Hamlet General information about our Hamlets

Quito, Bogotá, Cajicá

Sony Center

St Joseph’s Conference Centre

Stourbridge, UK

Tara Rokpa Retreat Center

Tara Rokpa Retreat Center – Groot Marico, South Africa (1 hour drive from Gaborone)

Thai Plum Village

The Beacon Theatre

to be confirmed

Toronto (Canada), IL, WA, HI

Toronto, Montreal

Trinity Church

TX, CA, WA, FL, Toronto

Upper Hamlet – Plum Village

Upper Hamlet Pháp Vân Temple – 法雲寺 Address: Le Pey 24240, Thenac, France Office hour: 09:00 to 11:30 and 14:00 to 16:00 Phone: +33 (0) Contact: Contact Form Registration office is closed on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday

Upper Hamlet & Lower Hamlet