An Update on Thay’s Health: 28th June 2015

Official Announcement

Plum Village, France
June 28, 2015

To all Plum Village Practice Centers,
To all Practice Centers and Sanghas World Wide,
To our Dear Beloved Friends,

We are happy to report that Thay’s health has improved greatly since he returned to his Plum Village Hermitage in early April. Every day Thay has been out in nature, enjoying the blossoms, listening to the birds and resting at the foot of a tree. Thay enjoys lying in his hammock next to the running creek, in the fresh cool of the bamboo grove he planted more than thirty years ago.

Doctors and nurses continue to visit Thay, and he receives physiotherapy, massage and acupuncture daily. The team of attendants continue to care for Thay and support his needs around the clock.

Despite his advanced age, Thay has been making remarkable progress.

One day, Thay decided for himself that he was ready to start swallowing solid food, and directed his attendants to prepare an apple, then a lemon and then an avocado. Thay enjoyed each bite with great delight, chewing each mouthful at least forty times before swallowing. Everyone was very surprised. Thay’s mindfulness, concentration and joy to really savor the food was remarkable. Since that day, with great concentration and determination, Thay has been able to enjoy feeding himself. The sisters have been investing their love and creativity in preparing diverse nutritious healthy food for Thay, which he eats with delight. As soon as Thay was able to nourish himself with several wholesome meals a day, he surprised all the doctors by successfully removing his own feeding tube, without any complications. Thay smiled, and we all smiled.

More recently, Thay has begun to develop his vocalisation, joining the attendants when they hum or sing. The first time this happened, one of the sisters was chanting in Vietnamese the name of Avalokita, the Bodhisattva of Great Compassion: Nam Mo Bo Tat Quan The Am. Thay suddenly pronounced the final sound “Âm” (pron. “um”) clearly and on cue. Miraculously, the word “Âm” actually means “sound”. Thay looked at those around him, his eyes gleaming, as if to say “everything is possible”. It was a very moving moment, and the attendants all gathered to continue to chant with Thay. Since that very first “um”, Thay now enjoys singing and humming every day, all the familiar Plum Village tunes in Vietnamese, English and French. At this point, Thay is able to voice the melody and, once in a while, he can form a word. He raises his arm in such a way as to express the meaning of each line, and has great joy and surprise every time he is able to produce a clear and accurate word.

Thay’s therapists have been struck by his extremely strong will to recover, and have pointed out to us that this is the most important factor in his rehabilitation. Thay has been very determined to train himself so he can recover his physical strength and regain his balance and posture. Thay is clear about what he wants to do, and what he does not want to do. He is now able to sit by himself, beautifully upright. In the last three weeks Thay has wanted to start walking, even though his right side remains paralysed. With the support of one attendant behind, and one at his right leg to help move it forward, Thay now practices walking meditation in the garden, several times a day. We can feel Thay’s delight and freedom at each step. Even though it takes great effort, we can see that, for Thay, each step is a step of victory, an affirmation of life and joy to be alive on this beautiful Mother Earth.

From time to time the whole monastic community of 150 monks and nuns has come to practice walking meditation with Thay. Last week we could feel Thay’s joy to see his disciples, and his happiness to lead the sangha in walking meditation. Thay pointed to the blue sky, the swaying bamboo, the smile of a brother, directing us to enjoy the present moment. Thay’s courage, determination and joy, despite his physical limitations, was a clear teaching for all those present as we walked behind Thay with our two healthy feet. With every step, Thay demonstrated that he will continue to practice no matter what the conditions. Thay was affirming that he would never desert the Path. He was encouraging us to stay on the path, and enjoy the wonders of life.

We would like to thank everyone for offering your loving support to Thay and the sangha through the past months. We are deeply grateful for your energy of compassion and prayers, and for your commitment to continue to practice mindfully and deeply for Thay. A special thank you to those who have sent us beautiful children’s drawings for Thay’s room and those who have sent us heartfelt donations to support Thay’s care.

The lotuses are blooming in our ponds, the plums are ripening in our orchards, and we are preparing our hamlets to welcome our guests for the Summer Retreat, around 800 people each week, for a whole month. The Summer Retreat is one of Thay’s favorite times of year. We will welcome families and children, and the Dharma Talks will be given by Thay’s continuation in the form of his Senior Dharma Teachers. Under the shade of the oak trees, bamboo groves and verandas in the late afternoon sun, we will see many circles of friends sharing deeply with one another. Hearts will be open, tears will be shed, as the sound of the bell reverberates.

Nine years ago Thay was asked,
“You will be 80 this year. Do you plan to retire as a spiritual teacher at any point?”

This is the answer he gave:

In Buddhism we see that teaching is done not only by talking, but also by living your own life. Your life is the teaching, is the message. And since I continue to sit, to walk, to eat, to interact with the Sangha and people, I continue to teach, even if I have already encouraged my senior students to begin to replace me in giving Dharma talks. In the last two years, I have asked Dharma teachers, not only in the monastic circle but also in the lay circle, to come up and give Dharma talks. Many of them have given wonderful Dharma talks. Some Dharma talks have been better than mine. I see myself in my continuation, and I will not retire. I’ll continue to teach, if not by Dharma talks then in my way of sitting, eating, smiling, and interacting with the Sangha. I like to be with the Sangha. Even if I don’t give a Dharma talk, I like to join walking meditation, sitting meditation, eating in mindfulness and so on. So don’t worry. When people are exposed to the practice, they are inspired. You don’t need to talk in order to teach. You need to live your life mindfully and deeply. Thank you.

These inspiring words are our compass as we prepare to lead retreats for thousands of people in the coming months: here in Plum Village this Summer, at the EIAB in Germany in August, and on the Miracle of Mindfulness Tour of the United States this fall. Please join us.

May you cherish the presence of those you love, and enjoy each step together.

With love and trust,


The Monks and Nuns of Plum Village


As Thay’s condition is now stable, and his path of recovery is long, we will post updates only occasionally. We will keep our global community informed of any major developments in Thay’s recovery. All official updates will continue to appear at, and



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Thay enjoying the fragrance of a lotus flower, 16 June, 2015

Thay enjoying the fragrance of a lotus flower, 16 June, 2015

Just a simple monk!

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93 comments on “An Update on Thay’s Health: 28th June 2015
  1. james says:

    Thay, I can’t thank you enough for your teachings and your life. May you and all beings be happy and free from suffering. Mother Earth smiles on you Thay. I love you dearly my brother.


  2. Christian Gasior says:

    I am very pleased to hear that the venerable master Thay has improved and continues to teach us all how to live simply by example. Great thanks to Thay and his caretakers!

  3. Jann Sparks says:

    I am so happy that you are better! I, too, was quite ill. During this summer I spent 4 months in hospital and in the end of struggle my right foot was amputated. During that time I had a lot of time to contemplate and to read. Your books were beside me and when I survived complications and returned home your videos continue to teach me. Because of my illness I found a fuller path. You brought me blessings- Thank You.
    With Love, Jann

  4. Dear Thay,

    Thank you for being my teacher. Thank you that being a teacher is not only about words, it is also (and maybe even more so) about being. You are my role-model for mindfulness, compassion, loving-speech. You have taught me to hold my anger with care and understanding, even if I haven’t grasped that fully yet. You are my companion, when I sit on my meditation cushion, and my mentor when I need to connect back to my breath.

    Thank you for being you. You have made my life so much more wonderful.

  5. Douglas Miller says:

    I am happy you are still here and improving . You have taught me so much ! Thank You ! Enjoy your summer ! -Doug

  6. Louis Doughty says:

    Thay… I am tempted to say you will never know the joy and beauty your words have brought to my life, but of course you do… I have had a life of inner turmoil and suffering coming through drug abuse, alcoholism, and a strong feeling of rejection from a very traumatic child hood…

    Growing I struggled… Now a man of 32 years, your words bring me inner peace and a feeling of vibrant, powerful love… you are a beautiful being…

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your blessings xxx

  7. Trng says:

    Thank you venerable Master. I understand that it’s dhamma that is important. Nonetheless, I have no doubt that the world will be a little less brighter, a little less tender if you were to go.

    With metta from Reston, VA USA

  8. Cath Jack says:

    I do not know any mantras or words to help Thay, but wish to express my gratitude to a man I have never met but whose writings have changed my life and how I see each moment with wonder and a smile. Thank you for caring for such an important man with such love and compassion. I send loving energy to Thay and wish you all strength and love. Thank you Thay.

    • A Dennis says:

      Thay we have never met, Thay we have never spoken, but, Thay you are always with me.
      thank you for every present moment, every wonderful moment.

  9. Hoa Tang says:

    Dear all Thay and Su co,
    I have some medication that I belief will help Thay Nhat Hanh recover inner strengths and also helps circulate oxygen in blood. My father has been taking this medication for many years, and it also prevents strokes, should you try this medication called Concord Sunchih Premium GPSP, made in Australia. Thank you and hope Thay get well soon. Nam mo a di da Phat.

  10. Inge Gans says:

    Ein Mantra für Thay

    Tag für Tag möge es Dir, lieber Thay, in jeder Hinsicht immer besser und besser gehen.

    (Vielleicht mag jemand dieses Mantra in anderen Sprachen übersetzen)

    Mit der Sonne im Herzen
    und vielen lieben Grüßen an die Shanga und Allen die bei und mit Dir sind,

  11. Jean Gustavson says:

    Thank you all @ Plum Village for your wonderful care of Thay.
    I have read so many of his books & must try much harder to walk the walk.
    It is indeed such good news to hear of his progress.
    My love & light to you all.Jean

  12. Sophatai Kanthatham says:

    Thank you for taking time to give us such wonderful updates on Thay’s miraculous recovery. Thank you, Thay for showing us the way..again and again.

  13. Joan says:

    So happy to read this update. It appears that peace really is every step.

  14. I was delighted and encouraged to read this most recent update on Thay’s health. Such a wonderful example he is – still doing walking meditation, enjoying the lotus flower, savoring his food – reminding me to really notice the beauty in the present. He is such an inspiration for me. Thank you all at Plum Village for providing this update. Namaste.

  15. Barry Basham says:

    Semper fi….

  16. enrico mainato chiesa says:

    with my wife we daily join our teacher mighty presence. We are not surprised, only joyfully
    pleased. Though the body is still crippled the mind is lumminous like a towering lighhouse
    spreading loving rays over us…
    As a distance healer I would suggest Phosphorous 30ch granules 5 daily to treat the imbalance.

    Enrico (Mainato)

  17. Vera Souza says:

    I am very happy with the news about Thay. Thanks to the sangha for the beautiful description. Love to you all.

  18. just watched a dvd on facing death and dying well with the dalai lama [meridian trust]
    went to the site of plum village for news of thich nat hahn
    what a great surprise to read the wonderful post
    i remember being at spirit rock in northern california with 1000 people in silence with thich nat hahn
    i shall remember that always
    blessings to him and all

  19. William Seng says:

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful books and talks. Thank you most of all for the example of how to be happy in life. I look at the nice picture and we are one together, all of us and everything beyond forever! Unborn, indestructible, beyond infinity and eternity… with only love remaining, everlasting.

  20. Claudette Jacques Blanca says:

    Dear Thay and the comunity of Plum Village:

    It was so wonderful to read about how Thay is being able to recovery. Thay and all the community not only in Plum Village but in every center you have all over the world are a lamps who guide us in the path of mindfulness. Thaks so mucho to Thay and to all the community’s. “A lotus for all of you, a buda yo be” Claudette Jacques from Mexico. I love you all.

  21. Anna says:

    Sending hugs and love to Thay and the people of Plum village from South Africa – very happy to see him improving <3

  22. Mike Oliver says:

    Wondrous teaching. Thank you.

  23. Sam says:

    Very beautiful and inspiring! Thank you :)

    • Deborah says:

      Dear Ones

      Thankyou for the news, for the miracles, that flow from and through this great Love of this Master and Teacher Thay. You are blessing us all with each New step you of your Renewal – In the Light and Love of a New Time and a New Earth Namaste

  24. Dave Troupe says:

    Thanks for update the great news, and thanks for taking care of Thay. May Thay have good health to continue the spreading of the Dharma of Wisdom and Compassion to all sentinent beings.

  25. Gaston Schmitz says:

    Beautiful, inspiring and deeply moving. I feel grateful for the Sangha.

  26. Margaret says:

    Dear Thay,
    We’re all walking with you! Delighted you are doing so well – this update was a precious gift for my heart on my “continuation day”! Thank you, dear Sangha, for sharing with us all such a beautiful description of Thay’s healing and his spirit in living the practice; inclusive of the conditions. We are all very grateful for the good news, and what a lovely picture of Thay enjoying the beautiful lotus flower! Plum Village is, as Thay is, a true example of the art of living mindfully and supporting one another as a Sangha in the knowlege that none of us is separate. Thank you deeply. Palms pressed, with gratitude and joy,


  27. kay Maughan says:

    My Heart was filled with joy at the news of dear Thays continued recovery I send Love and Many Blessings to Thay and all Sangha at Plum Village.kay

  28. Lecia Sinclair says:

    Dear precious Thay thank you for transforming my life and opening my heart to love and the beauty and miracle of walking on this planet Earth.
    May you be peaceful and happy and may I always find you in my lives.
    With deep love

  29. Kate Preston says:

    Thank you so much for painting such a fresh and rejuvenating snapshot of Thay’s inspiring steps and the days preceding summer retreat.
    It warms my heart and connects me again to Thay, the monastics and the beautiful nature of Plum Village…Thank You Thank You……So happy that Thay is back home amongst his loving Plum Village family. Lots of love to you all.

  30. Sitting by the river
    I contemplate.
    Never the same river
    Never the same me,
    New Me arises.

    I read Thay’s story
    I rejoice. His fight like a river.
    Never the same Thay,
    A new Thay arises.

    New Me rests in Mindfulness
    Hears the roar of the river,
    Feels the strength of Thay.
    With the compassion of Avalokita
    I know he will win the battle

    I know with great joy
    I will win mine

    Om Mani Padme Hum

  31. Meant to be met says:

    Everything is possible. Enjoy the present moment. Joy comes from what we can do – sitting, eating, walking, seeing, listening mindfully. Example is leadership.

    Thanks Thay for inspiring us to learn more, do more and become more through your living. Hopeffully Thay’ll be fully recovered and able to give dharma talk once again – so that more people can be inspired by your message.

  32. Hildegard Amalie Kauth says:

    Thay geht es gut, das macht mich so glücklich.
    Thay soll 1000 Leben haben zusammen mit unserer wunderbaren Gemeinschaft.
    So viel Liebe und so viel Freude wünsche ich Dir, geliebter Thay

  33. Today i wish to sing amazing grace for Thich Nath Han.

  34. Lis says:

    Love to you Thay and the Plum Cottage Community XXXXX <3 <3

    Please try homeopathy for Thay. It is amazing :-) X

  35. David Lam says:

    Thanks For The Great News … Namaste !

  36. Raka Satori says:

    First of all, thank you, sangha, for your patient loving description of Thay’s progress, happiness and guidance. I saw Thay only once. A last minute ticket ended up in the 2nd row in Denver. Through the entire event, I was touched beyond words. I saw his lineage present, and bathed in the light of his presence. I wished to come to Plum Garden, but have not had the means. Nevertheless, I am very grateful for the master’s time here with us all.

  37. LIli says:

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You………………

  38. Corina says:

    Feliz por saber de você. Feliz ao saber que você está superando a limitação.
    Obrigada pelos ensinamentos, pela sintonia, pela proteção contida na leitura de seus livros .
    Gratdão. Paz. Harminia, Thay.

  39. June Davis says:

    I send respect and loving thoughts.

  40. Martine says:

    belles nouvelles que voilà . Thaï est toujours dans nos cœurs , puissions nous lui donner autant qu il nous a donné et qu il nous offre encore d amour et de courage .

  41. Matthew Wild says:

    I must be a very poor Buddhist because I read this with tears in my eyes. (Attachment? Absolutely.)

    Thank you for such a beautiful post.

    • I suspect that Thay has had tears in his eyes on more than one occasion. Didn’t they pour from your open heart in the present moment while you were reading? Sounds to me like you’re living the path, even if not conforming to an idea of Buddhism — even your own. I bow to your love for Thay with the Heart Sutra mantra: Gate gate paragate parasmagate. Bohdi. Svaha!

  42. silvia del pino says:

    Cuánto me alegran las noticias de los progresos en salud de Thai. Aunque no lo conozco personalmente, lo conozco a traves de sus hermosas y valiosas enseñanzas. ¡ Larga vida, querido Maestro !

    • Learning Student says:

      Master Thay has taught so much to me through books, transcripts, and mostly how he lives moment by moment. He reappears driving this message home. Am overwhelmed with gratitude. Those here who dedicate their merit to That are my inspiration. They know the profundity of his mission in ways I am still learning. May we all look deeply at the luminosity of mind which is Thay’s wisdom, abandon self-clinging, completely realize that the only cause for happiness is love, pray for one another and all countries, and each take a personal vow to truly identify pride and jealousy as it arises so frequently and subtly in the mind leading to aversion for people and objects and experiences. Let us guard our mindfulness and realizes the afflictions as the arise in their most subtle forms. Let is correct those things for I am really no one at all but am seeing that jealousy and pride are continuous. Please watch your mind streams and stamp them out. Our greatest offering has to be to realize our essential nature is Thay’s wisdom mind and practice as dilligently as we can to benefit all beings all the time of our lives.
      Om Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhisattva Svaha.
      I learned this from Thay. He will never leave us because he is the kindness of us. He is a great Bodhisattva. His life example is a real gift for the whole of the six realms. Lets use the devotion he kindles in us to see what has been with us all the time: Buddha mind and abandon all samsaric thinking, with our minds resting in the natural state thinking always of how to help one another with loving compassion. Let is never think we have done enough but do more for one another as Thay is setting this example for is now. Let us offer Thay our enlightenment. He has done so much. Please pray for an end of jealousy and hatred… it is time we address it pointedly.

  43. Kristie says:

    Miraculous recovery by a wonderful man! Thay is such an inspiration. I find such joy, peace, and happiness in his words and take great comfort in knowing he is healing well.

  44. Sherry S says:

    We thank God with deep gratitude for Thay’s continuous healing. We thank Thay for his gift of magnificent inspiration.
    Heartfelt Love & Prayers

  45. Emily Whittle says:

    I burst into tears of joy as I read the happy news about Thay’s continued recovery. What a privilege to be his student!

  46. isis says:

    Thank you for this update, it’s a joyful day! Keep on!

  47. Dave Lavis says:

    Thank you dear sangha for this truly inspirational and upbuilding update. I vow to continue my practice each day. I have arrived, I am home. Yes anybody who has been touched by Thay’s teachings will always have him as a teacher.

  48. Maria says:

    This is very good news. I wish you full recovery.

  49. Minna says:

    Thank you all brothers and sisters from Plum Village for telling us these wonderful news!!! THANK YOU!!!

  50. Kerry says:

    What a good new. And what a great inspiration for me. Everything is possible and Thay demonstrate that day after day. I sincerely hope that our Great Master will continue to get a better health on the next months and continue to enjoy the beautiful seasons in Plum Village. Blessings

  51. Manuel Trindade says:

    Tears of joy and recognition formed while I was reading the wonderful news of Thay’s life example and miraculous recovery, despite his advanced age. Shine on, zen master, your life is the most beautiful example you could offer the world :-) <3

  52. Dear Thay, may you have many moments of happiness in your hammock and sitting by the river. This message of you today is one of your greatest lessons. I will practice living my life smiling with you: “Teaching is done not only by talking, but also by living your own life. Your life is the teaching, is the message.” Peace and love

    PS. I continue to teach mindfulness and self-reflection in schools and invite all people to wonder anew. I post the positive changes people are making or want to make on my blog Wonder Anew. I created this project in October 2013 after a retreat at Magnolia Monastery when you asked me to share what change I made in my life in honor of your birthday. I carry your question to others. May we heal ourselves to heal the world.

  53. Anne says:

    Dearest Thay, may you be well, may the sangha be well! Your entire life is a teaching, pointing to us the way …
    In deep gratitude for these news,
    Anne (Joie fleurissante du coeur)

  54. Evelyn Greenfield says:

    How fortunate Thay is to have such wonderful brings attending to his needs.
    I am so looking forward to Thay’s next book !!!

  55. Tony Nguyen says:

    After a long silent on Thay’s health since April 6 2015, I was keeping checking on Thay’s health almost everyday. And after several repeating requests to update Thay’s health, I am overwhelmed and delightful at his latest update health that has been greatly improved. I am so happy now and whishing Thay’s more speedy recovery. Thanks.

  56. Miquelis says:

    Thank you very much

  57. Helen says:

    What a wonderful present moment reading the progress of dear Thay. In gratitude I bow to my teacher. In gratitude I bow to the Sangha.

  58. So very happy to read this today. Thay is INSPIRING in every sense of that beautiful word. Thay is beautiful. Sending a heartfelt thank you to this incredible man who shows us how life can be extraordinary with mindfulness.

  59. Jessica Morton says:

    What a blessing to read this beautiful news! There is so much to appreciate and learn from in Thây’s wonderful recovery and his gently persistent example. Thank you, and may all be happy, be well, and at ease in their lives.

  60. Yetty says:

    Thank you for The beautiful update! I’m delighted to hear the happy news of such a beloved teacher.

  61. sean fernando says:

    Glad to hear the progress of Thay I pray and pass merit to him may he be well happy and peaceful and live a long time

  62. forest says:

    Thank you

  63. Françoise says:

    Merci pour ces bonnes nouvelles tant attendues!

  64. Donna nist says:


  65. blessed Thay. your strength and resolve to stay with sangha and lead by example is filled with honour and love and compassion. Blessed be you and the sangha at Plum village.

  66. Wonderful news of your continuing health….may you continue to flourish……

  67. Que alegria saber que se recupera momento a momento!!!

  68. Janet says:

    Thank you,thank you, thank you, Thay. For without words you are teaching us the greatest lesson of all…”our life is our path”. Humble I say Namaste.


    I am Venerable Dr. K. Dhammadinna of the Buddhist Maha Vihara, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am glad that Venerable Thay is back at the Plum Village Hermitage. Wishing Venerable Thay a fully and speedy recovery.

    May the Noble Triple Gem, Buddha, the Dhmmma and the Sangha, bless and protect Venerable always.

    Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

  70. sylvie bousquet says:

    I am deeply touch by this news. I’ve been seerching for so long to have news for this great master. Thank all of you to get the informations of the health of this precious being.

  71. Jean McAlister says:

    I would love to visit you in Plum Village but I live in Australia and am not able to leave my disabled sister Catherine who I help to support in a nursing home. Catherine is only 60 and she is totally disabled with Multiple Sclerosis. I am 71 and am not very good at keeping to a good meditation routine but I have many wonderful books on Buddhism that help me. I am reading your book called “The Sun My Heart” which is very beautiful and I shall read it to Catherine also. Thank you for your inspiration and teaching. It is wonderful to read that you are enjoying better health. Namaste

  72. Wonderful news. Remembering ‘The Power of Prayer’, praying for Thay’s further improvement. He continues to inspire all those whose lives he has touched.

  73. Debbie says:

    What wonderful news! Thank you for sharing. It made my day. Thay, I wish for your continued progress and comfort, for you to continue to teach for a long time, and for those who care for and support you to be ever strong, mindful, and filled to overflowing with loving kindness. I love you.

  74. Lyndsey Summer says:

    Truly wonderful news – much love xx

  75. G.LLewellyn says:

    All healing reiki energy to you for you are brother/sister to me these thoughts I had months ago
    in meditation I touched your head
    I greatly enjoyd reading you are full of strengh and walking on the healing path on more intense knowledge about yourself and so for all.

  76. Rebecca Hall says:

    Thank you for the inspiring and hopeful update. Thay is a true bodhisattva.

  77. amit says:

    More love, more power, speedy recovery to Master Thay. Praying for him.

  78. Donna M Reitano says:

    wishing Thay wellness

  79. Maria das Graças Sales says:

    Those are very good news!
    I’m happy Thay “continue to practice no matter what the conditions”.

  80. Suzanne says:

    I read with great happiness Thay’s progress ! Thank you so very much for taking the time to keep us posted!! Thay is quite an example for all of us!! I send him many kind Healing thoughts and much Love!!! And lots of warm smiles and Blessings!!!:O)) Namaste!! ♥ஜJ☼Yஜ♥

  81. Scott says:

    Namaste and Blessings, Thay!

    From America with Humility & Love,


    • Margaret says:

      Thank you for sharing and may Thay continue to be the the guiding light we all need on this earth. Blessings to Thay and all his wonderful team and helpers. ????

  82. Stephen Haygreen says:

    Learned a lot from Mr.Hanh.

  83. Eileen says:

    I’m nearly finished with the Body And Mind Are One online course and it has taught me so much. Sitting here in my garden in Nashville, I’m inspired and charmed reading this description of Thay and his beautiful determination. All the love in the world to him and to Plum Village in your upcoming events. Thank you all for your teachings.

  84. Praying for you!
    Meditated with you in Boston several years ago!
    Thank You!

    • George Hoguet says:

      Tears in the corner of my eyes. Thank you all for this beautiful update. I am busy working on a 5-minute sharing as part of an Interfaith panel this week discussing the Pope’s Encyclical from our Tradition’s perspective. Pleased to say this is organized by the Thomas Merton Center. Struggling, I think I will follow Thay’s lead – I’ll let the Buddha write. I’ll let Thay write. Indeed, he has already said it so well. _()_