The Art of Mindful Living

A series of live weekend practice sessions

Join us from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon

Dip into the monastery atmosphere and join the New Hamlet sisters for live online meditation sessions and Dharma sharings this January

Here in Plum Village we continue to explore new ways to offer our practices online. For two weekends in January, we will experiment with offering two “lighter” weekend programs of live meditation sessions and Dharma sharings, open to all, on a donation basis. The program will include live introductions to the art of sitting meditation and walking meditation, given by senior teachers in the Plum Village tradition.

These weekends will allow more flexibility to connect with the monastic community for a few sessions, as well as the precious chance to be in a Dharma Sharing group led by a monastic facilitator for two consecutive days on the weekend.

For those of you already attending local sanghas, these weekends may offer a chance to refresh your practice with a direct connection to the monastery. For those who have not yet tried a full 3-day or 5-day immersive retreat, you may find these lighter weekends to be a more accessible “taster” of Plum Village practice. For our core community who have been enjoying our online retreats, we hope these sessions can provide a thread of connection and community, as Plum Village turns our energy to the challenge of re-opening for in-person retreats.

The weekend online sessions are being offered on a donation-basis. We warmly invite you to consider making a contribution, according to your means, to support the monastery’s operations and to allow us to make it sustainable to continue to offer the Dharma online. We are deeply grateful for your generosity.

Please note: These sessions will be offered via Zoom and YouTube only, and will not be hosted on the Teachable course platform we are using for immersive retreats.

Language: All sessions will be offered in English, with the possibility of other languages for Dharma sharing, if numbers are sufficient.

Live Program

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All the activities marked “Live Events” will be live-streamed on the Plum Village Youtube Channel and may be viewed at a later time.


Introduction to Sitting Meditation followed by Guided Sitting Meditation


Guided Sitting Meditation & Reading


Dharma Talk “Discourse on Love” by Sr. Tu Nghiem (from Archive)


Introduction to Walking Meditation


The First Dharma Sharing Session – in small groups (via Zoom)


Mindful Meal & Informal Hangout


Total Relaxation


Guided Sitting Meditation & Reading


Live Dharma Talk “à la carte” by Br. Phap Lai


The Second Dharma Sharing Session – in small groups (via Zoom)


Mindful Meal, Informal Hangout, & Closing of Our Weekend Together


Please click here to sign up to follow the weekend practice sessions, and to join the two Dharma sharing sessions and the live Total Relaxation.After registering you’ll receive the Zoom links by email, as well as the full set of links to follow the meditations and other sessions live on Youtube.


Please click here to make a donation to support these Dharma sessions. Anything you can give will help support the monastery and will make it possible for us continue to offer the teachings online. We are deeply grateful for your generosity.

Thank you so much for learning about these weekend sessions, and we look forward to practicing with you.

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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