Online Educators Retreat

A course with Tineke Spruytenburg, Miles Dunmore, Thay Phap Dung and Thay Phap Luu.

Mindfulness in education – what next?
Today young people face a complex, challenging future, dealing with climate crisis and social injustice.
They face challenges retaining their sense of self worth amidst the forces of relentless advertising and powerful social media.
In the midst of this, we, their teachers, know how they long to engage in the world purposefully and ethically. How does mindfulness in education fit into this picture ?

During this retreat, we will consider the ethical and community components of mindfulness in school and classroom.
We will examine ways to incorporate mindfulness into specific subject areas such as the sciences, literature, and the humanities.
We will consider how to develop programs that run from year to year. We will also work with the interesting dynamics that arise from being seen as a mindful teacher by colleagues and the community.

Br Phap Dung and Br Phap Luu are happy to contribute their wisdom and experience to this course by leading several sessions.

All educators are welcome; however, this five-day retreat is designed particularly for middle and high school teachers who already have a personal mindfulness practice and who have begun to share mindfulness in their schools, either on a small or large scale.

The timing of the daily sessions are set for full participation for those in Europe and the UK (CEST and BST) and half days for North America (EAST)

Course-fee: 140,- € (Discount is possible on request)

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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