Spring Retreat

Thank you for your interest in this retreat. We regret that, due to measures to prevent the spreading of the COVID-19 coronavirus, unfortunately our practice center will be closed till May 1. Please see our announcement for more information. 

We invite you to visit Plum Village during our Spring Retreat, to experience a wonderful opportunity to practice renewal and transformation with our residential community of over 200 monks, nuns and lay practitioners.

Enjoying daffodil festival

You are welcome to join us for a deep experience of mindful living for a one-week or two-week stay, as Mother Earth stirs from slumber and new blossoms begin to appear. Spring is a time to come to relax and refresh yourself in the peaceful atmosphere and light energy of the community.

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We offer all our guests an “orientation” into our basic mindfulness practices upon arrival, and from then on the week unfolds relaxingly and naturally, as everyone joins the stream of community life, living and practicing together.

In the Spring Retreat we have sessions of mindful community service in the grounds and gardens, and we also have more sitting and chanting sessions than in our “Special Retreats” such as the Summer Retreat or other themed retreats.

Spring Upper Hamlet Wouter Verhoeven

Dates for Spring Retreat 2020

As we also host some special retreats in spring, the general spring opening has been divided in several sections. The dates very per hamlet so please check on the registration page of each hamlet.

6 March 3 AprilSpring Retreat (arrival and departure on Fridays)
4 April10 AprilClosed for guests
10 April17 AprilFrancophone Retreat (for French speakers only)
19 April23 AprilClosed for guests
24 April22 MaySpring Retreat (arrival and departure on Fridays)
8 May15 MayHappy Farm week (simultanious with Spring retreat)
  1 June22 June21 Day Retreat (arrival and departure on Mondays)
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Women and couples

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Men and couples