The Way of Understanding and Love – Beukenhof, Netherland

The path the Buddha walked is the path of love and understanding. True love can only grow if we understand ourselves and others better. Just as love can always grow and always needs nourishment, we can nurture our understanding in our daily lives with our practice of mindfulness.

In this retreat we will take a closer look at how our own mind works, in order to allow deeper insights to nourish our heart of love and to learn to let go of our fears. When we have found our path of love and understanding, hope, freedom and stability will always guide us.

Program: The program during this weekend consists of sitting and walking meditation, lectures, sharing, question and answer session, eating in silence. On the last day there is a possibility to receive the Five Mindfulness Trainings.

Language: The Dharma talks and and Dharma sharing families will be in Dutch. It is possible that one English-speaking family might be formed.

Follow this link for more information and registration (in Dutch).