Plum Village is about 85 km east of Bordeaux (which has an international airport, Bordeaux-Merignac Airport).

There is a shuttle from Bordeaux-Mérignac to Bordeaux St-Jean train station, which takes about 45 minutes.

Bordeaux is also 2 – 4 hours from Paris by TGV (High-Speed Rail). Most of our friends change at Bordeaux St-Jean or Libourne to take the small train to Sainte Foy La Grande station.

Sainte Foy La Grande is a 25 minute drive from Plum Village.

Upper Hamlet and New Hamlet pick up and drop off friends at Sainte Foy La Grande on our Arrival and Departure Days (usually Friday); generally, between about 7 am and 7 pm. Detailed times from each hamlet are sent to you after reservation.

The transport between Lower Hamlet and Ste Foy La Grande on the arrival/departure day is taken care of by the taxi service:

To buy your train ticket, you can visit:

Most websites have an “English” option or you can use Google translate.

If you arrive outside of our pick-up times you can take a taxi to Plum Village. From Sainte Foy La Grande to any of our hamlets, the taxi costs around 40€ – 60€.
If you travel via Bergerac airport, then you can take a taxi to Bergerac train station and travel to Sainte Foy La Grande or you can take a taxi directly to Plum Village (cost around 40€ – 70€)

• Taxi Richard: +33 (0)
• Taxi David: +33 (0)
• Mr. Gachet: +33 (0)
• VTC Jardini: +33 (0)
• Mr. Dumora: +33 (0)
• Bergerac Taxis: +33 (0)

Car Pooling
To help the Mother Earth and reduce CO2, you might like to participate in carpooling. We have a site for carpooling to Plum Village: Plum Carsharing
You may also like to check the international public carpooling websites: BlaBlaCar or Carpooling (for finding shared rides not listed on the limited-membership Plum Carsharing).

Our small teams of brothers, sisters, and friends in the office are doing their best to care for current and future retreatants. Please kindly make all your travel arrangements and have a copy of the necessary documents before you come.

Paris to Upper Hamlet
Bordeaux to Upper Hamlet
Ste. Foy La Grande to Upper Hamlet

Paris to Lower Hamlet
Bordeaux to Lower Hamlet
Ste. Foy La Grande to Lower Hamlet

Paris to New Hamlet
Bordeaux to New Hamlet
Ste. Foy La Grande to New Hamlet