The Sound of the Rising Tide

We children of the Earth
Scattered far and wide
We heard the call, the distant call
the mighty call, of the of the rising tide
And our hearts aflame with remembering
a memory beyond recall
We came to build
A community of love
To learn, to train, to serve
To embrace all our pain
And though we stumble and fall
we vow never to abandon
Our community, our path
And you, our teacher
We walk for you,
for our forbears and descendants
and on the long road
each step becomes legend

Long did we seek, long did we wander
On lonely paths, and broken roads
until we found you
Our teacher of old
And not in vain, our fallen tears
Now rain of new hope
together again
We’ll go on,
Our trust restored, our faith renewed
Our anger calmed, our joy reborn,
Many hearts one aspiration
Side by side
in times of joy, and through despair
in times of light and through the darkness
We release all our afflictions
heal and transform

Oh, children of the earth
brothers and sisters
now let us go forth together
to live the holy life
with the earth our mother as witness
to the strength of our vow
And we’ll bring back the refreshing spring
To the mountains and to rivers,
Rising thunder, cresting waves,
We go on
And we will cross the valley,
Of birth and death
To find you,
And look once more in your eyes

In the ancient forest, the old path
white clouds overhead,
We stand together
smiling to the mystery
All sorrows at an end
All fear forsworn,
Compassion springs anew
Great love is in our hearts

In the vast sky, both sun and moon,
are lighting our way
And our hearts aflame with remembering
A memory beyond recall
the sound of the rising tide (4x)


Just a simple monk!

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12 comments on “The Sound of the Rising Tide
  1. barbara says:

    Is a high quality recording of this song available for purchase?

  2. Sally Savin says:

    Thank you dear Thay, Bothers & Sisters. No words for such beauty.

    • Peacewolf says:

      Drear Thay, Dear sangha,
      This is a lovely song! We have a sangha in Oceanside called “the Rising Tide”. It’s about a year old. We plan to learn this song as soon as our brothers and sisters return from Vietnam!
      Happy spring!

  3. Tasha says:

    So deeply moved by the beauty of the song, both music and lyrics. Thank you so much, dear Thay and Brothers and Sisters!

  4. Richard Tines says:


  5. Linda says:

    thank you

  6. Chris Brickett says:

    Such a beautiful song. Thank you my dear friends.

  7. Christopher Censullo says:

    “calling out to Amida is calling your own heart
    the heart is Buddha
    no place else.
    look to the forests, the pools, the ponds
    let day and night sing Dharma’s song.” (Tai An, d. 1403)

    This is truly “Dharma’s song” this beautiful Sangha is singing.

  8. Jennifer Martindale says:

    A bow of thenks to all

  9. A beautiful song indeed. Thank you. I will pass this on far and wide…

  10. Eduardo Ramos Ferreira da Silva says:

    I have no words to express my feeling to hear this song. Thank you very much!!!

  11. roxana de vincenzi says:

    Thank you. Let´s always look for beauty and love.