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Songs / Time passes

Sister Chan Duc (Sr. True Virtue) sings “Time passes”.

In her early years of practice, this song appeared to Sr. Chan Duc as she touched the freedom of a time and space that is not bound by concepts. Though around us, time is passing, it is possible to dwell in a time outside of time, and a space outside of space. 
The poetry of music can awaken the seed of wisdom that is innate in us. Please enjoy. 

Time passes 2:11

Time passes

By Sr. True Virtue

Time passes and your heart lies outside of time.
Time is the flower that blossoms and dies. 
The journey passes, and your heart lies outside of space.
Space is India and the West. 
The thought passes and your heart lies outside of fear.
Fear is believing in the thought. 
The breeze passes, and your mind is made whole again.
Whole with the world in which you live. 
Time passes and your heart lies outside of time.
Free from the concepts of this and that. 

In this video Sr Chan Duc introduces a new version of the song performed by Brs Duc Hien & Khiet Minh and shares about how we should practice to touch freedom

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  • Thank you for such a beautiful song, and for such beautiful teachings, your sincerity, joy and love transmitted in this short clip touched me deeply dear Sister Chan Duc, In Gassho.

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