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Invoking the Bodhisattvas’ Names

We invoke your name, Avalokiteshvara. 
We aspire to learn your way of listening in order to help relieve the suffering in the world. You know how to listen in order to understand. We invoke your name in order to practice listening with all our attention and openheartedness. We will sit and listen without any prejudice. We will sit and listen without judging or reacting. We will sit and listen in order to understand. We will sit and listen so attentively that we will be able to hear what the other person is saying and also what is being left unsaid. We know that just by listening deeply we already alleviate a great deal of pain and suffering in the other person.

We invoke your name, Manjushri. 
We aspire to learn your way, which is to be still and to look deeply into the heart of things and into the hearts of people. We will look with all our attention and openheartedness. We will look with unprejudiced eyes. We will look without judging or reacting. We will look deeply so that we will be able to see and understand the roots of suffering and the impermanent and selfless nature of all that is. We will practice your way of using the sword of understanding to cut through the bonds of suffering, thus freeing ourselves and other species.

We invoke your name, Samantabhadra. 
We aspire to practice your vow to act with the eyes and heart of compassion, to bring joy to one person in the morning and to ease the pain of one person in the afternoon. We know that the happiness of others is our own happiness, and we aspire to practice joy on the path of service. We know that every word, every look, every action, and every smile can bring happiness to others. We know that if we practice wholeheartedly, we ourselves may become an inexhaustible source of peace and joy for our loved ones and for all species.

We invoke your name, Kshitigarbha. 
We aspire to learn your way of being present where there is darkness, suffering, oppression, and despair, so we can bring light, hope, relief, and liberation to those places. We are determined not to forget about or abandon those in desperate situations. We will do our best to establish contact with those who cannot find a way out of their suffering, those whose cries for help, justice, equality, and human rights are not being heard. We know that hell can be found in many places on Earth. We will do our best not to contribute to creating more hells on Earth, and we will help transform the hells that already exist. We will practice in order to realize the qualities of perseverance and stability, so that, like the Earth, we can always be supportive and faithful to those in need.

We invoke your name, Sadaparibhuta. 
We aspire to learn your way of never doubting or underestimating a living being's capacity for Buddhahood. With deep reverence for life, you say to others respectfully, "You are someone of great value. You are a future Buddha. I see this potential in you." We aspire to regard ourselves and others with a compassionate and wise gaze in order to recognize that all living beings, including ourselves, are precious wonders of life. We aspire to help all beings see their true nature more clearly. We are determined to preserve the health and well being of all, including our children, by extending sincere offerings of love, equanimity, patience, and inclusiveness. Inspired by the great faith and insight that everyone is a Buddha, we will transform our thoughts, words, and deeds so that they encourage deep confidence and self-love within ourselves and others. By nourishing wholesome seeds inside and around us, we will manifest our true nature in the ultimate dimension. This is the realm of nirvana-complete liberation, freedom, peace, and joy.
Invoking the Bodhisattvas’ name chant

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