International Sangha Directory

A community of Buddhist practitioners is referred to as a “Sangha” (Sanskrit for inseparable). A sangha can include both monastics and lay practitioners. As the third jewel of Buddhism, Sanghas offer a deep well of support and wisdom. As Thich Nhat Hanh has cautioned: “Without a sangha you lose your practice very soon.”

We encourage everyone to join a sangha near you, or participate in activities with a community of mindfulness practice so you can profit from the collective energy of mindfulness, peace and joy.

In the Plum Village tradition, there are Mindfulness Practice Centers in Europe, Asia and America, with communities of monks, nuns, lay men and lay women (you can find a list here). There are also dozens of lay Mindfulness Practice Centers worldwide, and over 1,000 lay sanghas who meet up regularly in towns and cities for evenings, mornings, or days of mindfulness practice.

International Sangha Directory

Find a lay sangha practising in the tradition of Plum Village on the map below:

A list of these sanghas is also available on If you have a sangha or know a sangha in your region that is not shown, please contact the Mindfulness Bell:

Online sanghas

There are also a number of “online” sanghas (that meet only via phone or internet). The Plumline website is a support center for anyone wishing to find, establish, build, and maintain an online Sangha. A place to share ideas and resources as online Sangha develops: