Christmas Celebration Dec 24th 2020

Dear Friends,
You are invited to join us for our Christmas celebrations on December 24th at 3:00 pm. Christmas is a precious opportunity to be together, to be touched by love, to see the beauty of the our interconnectedness, and to generate peace and joy together.

At the time of the winter solstice, when the days are short, Christmas is a celebration of light, a celebration of hope, a celebration of the beauty that is in each of us. It renews our aspiration to go towards that benevolent light. This light offers us the possibility of a wider understanding in our human relationships and also in our relationship with the Earth.

The Programme

  • 15h (CET) Dharma talk en anglais.
  • 20h30 (CET) Fête du réveillon de Noël avec les moines et nonnes de Plum Village qui nous proposeront des chansons et des sketches spécialement préparés pour l’occasion!

Please prepare a candle next to you. We will light our candle at the same time, all together, at the beginning of our evening celebration.

Rejoignez nous avec le lien Zoom.
Meeting ID: 940 9985 2177 Passcode: xmas2020

There will also be live offerings from Deer Park Monastery and Magnoliga Grove Monastery you can find details here.

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