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Expressing our Gratitude to Thầy on the Lunar New Year Day

On the Lunar New Year Day, Plum Village community in France gathered in Upper Hamlet to express our gratitude to Thầy and all our ancestral teachers.
Dear Respected Thầy, dear Noble Sangha,
Today we your students, monastic and lay, have gathered on the first day of the Lunar New Year to celebrate our togetherness and to express our gratitude to you and all our ancestral teachers. We are happy that you are being embraced by the fourfold community there in Plum Village Thailand. As we breathe mindfully, we also know that you are here with us as well. What else can we say to you that we haven’t already said? You have compassionately transmitted everything to us – your heart, your steps and most important, your path of practice. What more can we ask of our Teacher?

We your spiritual children have truly arrived and are truly at home in this precious moment. We are blessed to belong to such a diverse and rich spiritual family, coming from so many countries, cultures, and backgrounds. Through your wisdom and compassion, we have tasted the happiness and peace of the dharma and have been embraced by the love and guidance of the Sangha. We have a Path. We have a Community. We know how to value this moment – therefore the future is possible.
Thank you, Thầy, for keeping the fire alive and transmitting it through generations. We are determined to practice to keep this Bodhi-heart – this mind of love, of awakening – alive in ourselves so as to be worthy of your trust. The ancient Sangha forest continues to thrive – each season, new, fresh leaves sprout to provide cool shade and protection for all those in need. People, everywhere – young and old, from all walks of life – have found shelter in this sacred forest, have found their True Home, and have found the way of practice.
On this occasion of the Lunar New Year of the Dog, we wholeheartedly vow to follow Thầy’s footsteps, to continue building the Sangha as he did, and to live our life as he did: courageously, deeply and with compassion.
In gratitude, we humbly touch the Earth before Thầy and all our Ancestral Teachers.

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  • Much gratitude to our respected teacher and for the path he has shown us and for his loving way of teaching/being. As we are aware of his health challenges, I wish that updated information gets posted on this website.

  • Dear Si Nghiem, thank you for expressing so beautifully what we all feel.

    What particularly touches me is the fact that Thây has not created just a bunch of clones, but has nourished so many of us to be just as we are. He is like rich soil in which every kind of seed can grow.

    Sending love to all from Petaluma, California, US.

  • A most profound gratitude to Thay and all brothers and sisters worldwide for teaching and sharing with us all and helping us to find peace, happiness and share compassion with all.

  • Thank you so much for these lovely words and photos – I also rely on the online sangha and have a huge collection of dear Thay’s talks I have listened to every day for many years, and can always find something appropriate – at the moment I’m following the 2013 retreat talks from Magnolia Grove and they are just perfect for me right now – before that I was following some of Thay’s ‘classic’ talks from the 1980’s, also from Key West in the 1990’s and am so grateful to Thay for them all, they are definitely helping to keep me sane right now in extremely challenging times. I see you mention Thay is now in Thailand, though I was under the impression he was still in Vietnam – has there been an update on Thay lately that I may have missed? Trish, Wiltshire, UK

  • Thank you for your post Sister Nghiem & thank you Thay for your tierless work in bringing the Dharma to us all, especially for making the Dharma teachings/talks & Sutras accessible to those of us that have disabilities. For me it’s not a dramatic statement to say that I would not still be wheeling around our mother earth today, if not for Thay, the Sisters, Brothers & the wider Sangha, especially online. So a Happy Lunar New Year to you all from a sunny Somerset UK.

    • I am forever grateful for what Thay has taught me through this website and videos, and his books so full if wisdom and guidance. Thank you to the sangha both in Plum Village France and Thailand, and your dedication in taking care of him.

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