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Mindfulness – Walking with Jesus and Buddha by Sister Annabel

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new book ‘Mindfulness – Walking with Jesus and Buddha’ by Sister Annabel Laity (also known as Sr Chan Duc).

Sister Annabel is an English Buddhist nun in the Plum Village tradition. In this book she shows how Christians can make mindfulness a part of their spiritual lives.

In the chapter called “The Bell” Sister Annabel writes, “If there is one thing that belongs to global spirituality it is the sound of the bell . . . In Buddhism, we say the sound of the bell brings us back to our true home. In Christianity, we say the sound of the bell brings us into the presence of God. There is really no difference between the feeling of being at home in our body and mind, and the feeling of being in the presence of God. They are just different words describing the same thing.”

In prayer there are three elements: the one who prays, the one who is prayed to, and the one who is prayed for. In the beginning of our prayers, we see these three elements as seperate, but as our prayers deepen, they become one.

An excerpt from the chapter ‘Communion and Prayer’

Curious to know more about this book? Watch this interview of Sister Annabel conducted by the publisher, Orbis Books:

You may purchase the book online with Orbis Books (US and International buyers) and also here (from Parallax Press) if you are purchasing from the US.

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What is Mindfulness

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