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Songs / Moments of Joy

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we would like to offer you a few poems, ‘Moments of Joy’ read by Sr Dieu Nghiem (also known as Sr Jina), a senior disciple of Thay, and a much loved Dutch-Irish nun of the Plum Village tradition. Those who have encountered her while on retreat will remember her light presence and deep wisdom. What many may not know is that Sr Dieu Nghiem often likes to write short poems to capture her moments of being fully present to life.

Moments of Joy
The Poetry of Sister Jina, Chan Dieu Nghiem
(Parallax Press, Berkeley)

This morning
the wind carried away
all the white plum blossoms
revealing tender green leaves.

Lying down to nap
High up on the mountain
a young pine offers her shade
a gentle breeze a lullaby

The sound of the rain 
on my window
turns my little cottage
into a cozy refuge
this morning

Among the red tulips 
Two bright yellow
Not intimidated at all! 

This morning
It looks so quiet 
I open my window
To hear the silence

In the blue sky
One lone little white cloud
Drifts leisurely
Nowhere to go
Nothing to do 

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