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Happy Farmers Will Change the World


We would like to invite you to participate in growing and supporting Plum Village’s Happy Farm as it enters its second bountiful year.

Your donation will help us introduce thousands of children and adults to the practice of mindfulness and organic farming. The Happy Farm is steadily transforming Plum Village into a beacon of sustainable food production, ensuring the community’s long-term food and water security, and providing an unprecedented training opportunity for aspiring young farmer-practitioners.

Please visit our campaign site Happy Farmers Will Change The World

Organic Mindfulness
In 2012 three lay practitioners and three Plum Village monastics joined forces to set out to realize our collective dream to grow enough fresh organic fruit and vegetables to feed the entire Plum Village community. Over the course of 2013 we made the first steps—laying the groundwork for the development of a small organic vegetable farm at West Lake, just down the hill from Upper Hamlet. Our first year exceeded all of our expectations and we need your help to keep growing.

How you can help
Your donation will allow us to buy the essentials needed to run the farm in 2014: the equipment, seeds, soil amendments, and a new polytunnel. It will help us increase the production of organic vegetables by 33% and to start a organic fruit field. It will also allow us to expand into education, allowing approximately 5,000 annual Plum Village retreatants to learn more about how important organic farming is for the health of our precious planet and offering practical support for people who want to learn how to grow their own food!

The current Happy Farm team: Doug Butler, Stuart Watson, Phil Bluckert, Pierre Hermier, Benjamin Feret.



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  • This is so wonderful. I believe I have been present in spirit during this manifestation.

    The proliferation of biological and nutrient dense farming practices is my current professional focus.

    As I expect you are well aware ;Soil balance and proper mineralization is key to elevating the nutrient density of our foods.

    Please inform if there is any way I may be able to further support your efforts.

    With deep gratitude and blessings on your good work, Robert

  • Thank you so much for what you guys are doing at Plum Village. I hope we can build on this and incorporate permaculture methods in all of our farms, gardens, and living spaces. Check out some of Geoff Lawton’s incredible videos: geofflawton.com

    • Thanks Chris for mentionig Geoff Lawton’s video. I am currently studying permaculture and these videos are a mine of info for all. Geoff is such an inspiring guy. That would be great if Plum village could start a forest garden. Forest garden are vital for the future…

  • Would be very interested to work a bit on that farm – I´m a permaculture teacher & practitioner, and passionate about growing food & vegetables – we live in mexico, but maybe come to europe this summer

  • Hello, Friends. Happy Farm caught my attention because I had been told that Plum Village now served vegan food only. I see mention of animals and in the video, glimpsed eggs, if quickly. If animals or their products are used, then more peace and more happiness are possible. If vegan farming has been tried and didn’t work for you who want peace and happiness so much, will you please say why?

    A lotus for you as well.

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