News: We are offering online retreats while Plum Village France remains temporarily closed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Plum Village Online – Podcast

Introduction by Br Phap Bieu

Br Phap Bieu invites you to listen to our Dharma talks, while also coming back to your body.


Plum Village is very pleased to announce that we have a new online audio platform for dharma talks. You can now listen to all the recent dharma talks within the Plum Village tradition on your favourite podcast platform.

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  • This is fantastic. I am so happy to be able to now listen to plum Village talks and Plum Village music On Spotify, Google music and iTunes. I will share this wonderful happy news with others. Thank you for continuing to make the dharma and the experience of inter-being accessible to all.. deep bow.

  • I was so excited to join the 5 day on line talks but found it exceedingly difficult to get inline. When i finally did and went to adjust volume it disappeared which has never happened before. Now I cannor find a way to get back. I love thich Nhat Hahn

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