News: We are offering online retreats while Plum Village France remains temporarily closed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Monastic Life / Working joyfully (photos)

We would like to invite you to enjoy photos of joyful working time with the monastic community. In Plum Village, we prefer to see work as a chance to practice meditation and call it mindful service.

“Our work can be a wonderful means for us to express our deepest aspirations and can be a source of great nourishment, peace, joy, transformation, and healing… What we do with our lives and whether we are mindful or not determines how much peace and joy we create. If we bring our awareness to every moment, if we practice mindfulness in everything we do, our work can help us realize our ideal of living in harmony with others and of cultivating understanding and compassion.” Work – Thich Nhat Hanh

Taking care our garden is taking care our minds.
Working joyfully together, nourishing the sisterhood….
Working happily…

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  • I enjoyed three summer retreats at Plum Village and so loved being able to hear Thay speak daily. I loved helping to cook in the kitchen making soups and salads with the folks there! What a joy Plum village is thank you for being there!

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