Bert Evens ft. Marie Joëlle – Coming Home

Produced by Kenny Clarys
Vocals by Bert Evens and Marie-Joëlle van der Burgt
Celtic harp by Tilde Claeys
Violin, alt and tenor recorder, bodhran, frame drum, Irish bouzouki by Kenny Clarys
Flemish Bagpipes by Bert Evens
Mixed by Ward Neirynck

Song that can introduce the practice of hugging meditation

Just a simple monk!

4 comments on “Bert Evens ft. Marie Joëlle – Coming Home
  1. Domeico Maurizio Monetti says:

    Thank you.

  2. Hai says:

    What a great song. Could you please provide a link to download the mp3? Thank you.

  3. Devi Yuliawati says:

    Thank you for nice song. :)