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EIAB Staff Program

EIAB needs your helping hands   Dear friends, We are very happy to inform you that we will be offering the annual German and Dutch retreats and Day of Mindfulness in August 2019 at the EIAB. We welcome you to join us in manifesting a wonderful continuation of our teacher’s life and practice! Before, during

21 Day Retreat 2018 “A Real Soulmate of the Buddha” – Video Clip

“The Art of Living” announced Nautilus Book Award winner

Thay’s book “The Art of Living” (2017) has just won the national Nautilus Award (Gold) for best book in the category “Religion / Spirituality of Eastern Thought”: If you haven’t read it yet, here it is: Nautilus Book Award is honored to share some of the wisdom, love, hope, and creativity that flow from

Sister Chan Khong on Thich Nhat Hanh: He’s Getting Stronger Every Day

Sister Chan Khong brings us up to date on Thich Nhat Hanh’s health and the future of his teachings and community ( Photo by Paul Davis   Melvin McLeod: Following his stroke three years ago, Thich Nhat Hanh is now resting and recovering at Plum Village in Thailand. How is he doing? He cannot stand

Booklet of the 21 Day Retreat “A Real Soulmate of the Buddha”

Dear friends,   Here is the link to download the booklet of the 21 Day Retreat “A Real Soulmate of the Buddha”. We hope that you enjoy the retreat and this booklet can be helpful for your practice. A Real Soulmate of the Buddha You may watch the Dharma talks and panel sharings in The

European Wake Up Ambassadors Week

We’re planting seeds of new communities It’s time to wake up! It’s time to wake up together! The European Wake Up Ambassadors had a retreat in Upper Hamlet, May 11-18th 2018. The organizing team, which consisted of monastics and several Wake Up Ambassadors, had an online meeting before the retreat started to discuss the schedule and topics

Teachings on True Transmission and Yasoja Sutra

A talk by Thầy on August 22, 2001 at the Deer Park Monastery There is a lot of Dharma talk in the air and there is a lot of air in the Dharma talk. Today is August 22, 2001 at Deer Park Monastery. There is a sutra with the title Yasoja – that’s the name of a monk, the

Spreading the Dharma in Europe, The USA, and Asia

After our annual 3-month Winter Retreat, Plum Village monks and nuns have an opportunity to spread the Dharma around the world. This year, we will have Winter Retreat earlier than usual, starting on September 14th . The monastics are heading out to lead retreats and mindfulness events in Europe, The USA, and Asia. We have

Health Retreats

Three brothers in front of a blooming tree

Health Retreats, Brother Pháp Lữ and Brother Pháp Liệu, physicians in France before they became monks.

Sister Chan Khong’s Statement on Myanmar December 2017

Sister Chan Khong, the eldest monastic disciple of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, and Thay’s long-time collaborator, has written an open letter to Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar, to give the latest comments on the situation in Myanmar. Download the letter in PDF format  

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Winter Retreat 2017-18 Opening: “Request for Taking Refuge Ceremony”

On the warm morning of November 15, 2017, the four-fold Sangha of Plum Village France gathered at the Dharma Cloud Temple to open the 2017-18 Winter Retreat with the “Request for Taking Refuge Ceremony”. At this ceremony, we make the commitment to practice together continuously for 90 days. The Winter Retreat is called “An Cư

Celebrating Thay’s Continuation Day

On Wednesday October 11th monastic and lay disciples of Thay around the world celebrated their teachers continuation day, turning 91. Plum Village held a special Day of Mindfulness to be together and practice as a four-fold sangha. During an informal lunch Brother Phap Huu read the following text from Thay…

Interview with Brother Phap Luu: Freedom is Possible

“Today please sit back to enjoy a conversation on suffering, desire, the current political climate, how we can peacefully make change, the positive and negative aspects of the current university/college scene, how we can get young people to meditate, practicing compassion, commitment, and of course Brother Phap Luu’s story.” Interview with Brother Phap Luu:

Thich Nhat Hanh to receive Union Medal on September 6th in livestreamed ceremony

Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York (Union) has announced that it will award Buddhist teacher, author, and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh with the Union Medal, “which was instituted in 1981 as a means of honoring individuals whose lives reflect the mission of the Seminary in the world, the Union Medal is the Seminary’s highest award. Previous medalists include Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Vice President Al Gore, and Judith and Bill Moyers.”

Happy continuation day, dear Shakyamuni Buddha!

Plum Village community celebrated Vesak on 7th May in the New Hamlet, with over 400 monks, nuns, and lay friends, including the French sangha, and the members of the Order of Interbeing in France. Vesak commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and passing away (parinirvana) of Shakyamuni Buddha. In the morning, Brother Phap Linh shared in his

New Dharma Spring

After our annual 3-month Winter Retreat, Plum Village monks and nuns have an opportunity to share the teachings and the fruits of our practice. Every week in Plum Village we are welcoming over 150 lay practitioners, and the monastics are also heading out to lead retreats and mindfulness events in Europe and Asia. We have

Enjoying Plum Blossoms in Spring

“It is much easier to practice to generate joy and happiness in the spring time”, shared Sister Thuan Khanh in her Spring Retreat Dharma Talk a few weeks ago. It is true: the beauty of the flowers and the warmth of the sunshine touch our hearts and gladden our minds. On the morning of Sunday