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Chanting from the heart

May The Day Be Well

    May the day be well and the night be well. May the midday hour bring happiness, too. In every minute and every second,┬ámay the day and night be well. By the blessing of the Triple Gem, may all things be protected and safe. May all beings born in each of the four ways

We Are Truly Present

We Are Truly Present With hearts established in mindfulness, we are truly present for sitting and walking meditation, and for reciting the sutras. May this practice center with its Four fold Sangha be supported by three Jewels and Holy Beings, well-protected from the eight misfortunes and the three paths of suffering. May parents, teachers, friends,

Namo Avalokiteshvaraya

  Namo ‘valokiteshvaraya Namo ‘valokiteshvaraya Namo ‘valokiteshvaraya click here to download

The Three Refuges

I take refuge in the Buddha, the one who shows me the way in this life. I take refuge in the Dharma, the way of understanding and of love. I take refuge in the Sangha, the community that lives in harmony and awareness. [bell] Dwelling in the refuge of Buddha, I clearly see the path

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