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  1. Dear Thay, Dear Sangha,

    I really want to download this chanting so that I can practice it. But I can not download it from the “Download“ button.


    1. Dear Lee,

      It seems to be working for me. Maybe try another other browser or right click and choose”save link as”.

      It is also available on the Plum Village App if that helps?

  2. Dear Thay, Dear Sangha-I remember the first time I heard this beautiful and haunting chant at Thay’s retreat in Estes Park. It immediately warmed my heart and soul…and the tears flowed freely, watching Thay pull all of life’s suffering from his heart and letting it go into the cosmos. One of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed and been a part of. Thank you sweet Monastics, for putting this on your website so I can listen to it again and again and be at peace. A deep bow of gratitude to Thay and all of you and to the world sangha-

  3. Buddhas deepest blessings for doing this! Tears are coming as my heart opens so fully I cannot contain it. I have such great love for the three jewels as they are all represented in Thay. There are no words I can only bow.

    1. The monastics chant the phrase “Namo’valokiteshvara.” This is a chant to invoke the name of the Bodhisattva of Great Compassion, Avalokiteshvara. A “bodhisattva” is a great being who has developed human qualities to a very high degree. We each have a bodhisattva of compassion within us, and this chant is an opportunity to get in touch with that seed of compassion in our hearts, to invite it to manifest right in the very moment of chanting.

  4. Hello

    My name is patricia. This Song Is so Lobby. I want play whit my Gitarre can you give my this Song got Gitarre?

  5. Dear brothers and Sisters,
    This song gives me peace in my heart.I would love to play it on my shrutibox,therefore I would need Chords like for a guitar.are they anywhere available?
    Thanks a lot

      1. The first 20 Minutes of this talk, before the chant, is when Thay speaks about this.

  6. Gracefull Bliss
    How great would it be to have a Farm in London UK
    so many beings in need of blissful grace of valokiteshvaraya! I live here but, am I alone with the grace of QuanYin? in a land full of struggle pain and caos? Do you have near future projects for this Nation that’s loosing it’s greatness? Hope is all I have, and offcourse this site. Is that all?
    Amo valokiteshvaraya
    Amo valokiteshvaraya
    Amo valokiteshvaraya

  7. Thank you for the beautiful reminder to come home to ourselves, as we offer this to others.

  8. Merci pour ce chant qui ne donne qu’une envie: se poser, être à l’écoute intérieure et être présent. Merci pour cette très belle méditation musicale

  9. Dear Beloved Thay & Sangha,

    I am bowing in gratitude, smiling from ear to ear, a tear rolling down my face as I listen to you chant. I’m a so grateful to this practice for changing my life by holding me, teaching me and guiding me. When I close my eyes and listen I’m transported back to my first retreat at Deer Park monastery in 2003. I am forever grateful and so happy to be part of the world wide Sangha.

    Keep singing my beloved Brithers & Sisters it heals all of us ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Sending Love,

    1. I have never been to Plum Village. But the worldwide Sangha brings me the same piece. The same thread runs through us all. I agree with all you wrote and could not find the words.

  10. I am very grateful to be able to hear the community chanting to ask Avalokiteshvara to acknowledge and relieve the suffering of self, those around us, and of all beings. Thank you so much!

  11. Beloved Thay and Sangha, dear brothers and sisters in the practice,

    Thank you so much. Hearing again this beautifully soothing chant yesterday transported me close to beloved Thay and the Sangha in my own little room. I remember how healing it was when I heard the Sangha singing it at UH on the 24.12.2012 and how beloved Thay simultaneous mudras touched me so deeply that words can´t convey, bringing to awareness what was deep and unconscious.
    Yesterday again, receiving this SpecificFeed email at a much needed moment when my mind was splitting and my heart was scattered, I heard it twice. The netbiome, the breath and the chanting enabled me to kindly embrace my suffering with compassion and brought me back to center helping me root in the present moment. Slowly breathing in and breathing out I vow to learn the ways of letting go, I vow to be peaceful and kind no matter the circumstances, internal, external and beyond.
    Today I heard Namo Avalokiteshvaraya again and today I could chant with the Sangha, my voice not drowning any longer, I could hold my pain gently and lovingly and I almost felt stable enough to embrace deeply and in skilful ways the suffering of all people. I will keep on practicing touching the here and now It feels possible and I will do my best, one breath at a time, one step at a time, one drop in the flowing river.
    With deepest gratitude,

    PS: I just happened to notice I was wearing the same brown scottish caxemire in both those times, and a lotus warmed my heart at such coincidences’ :)

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