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Life Story

Brother Chân Pháp Lai was ordained as a novice monk on May 26th 2002 in the “Bead Tree” family. He received full ordination as a bhikshu on January 14th 2006, and the Lamp Transmission as a Dharma Teacher in January 2010.

Br. Pháp Lai is passionate about nature. While working as an ecologist in Scotland, he realised that living in community is one of the most sustainable ways of living. This led him to the Plum Village community where he now shares his passion through his teachings, guided walks, stories, plays, and music.

Br. Pháp Lai has been actively involved in bringing Plum Village practices into education through the Wake Up Schools initiative. Every summer, many English-speaking children eagerly await the lively Dharma stories told by “Brother Ben”.

In 1985 Br. Pháp Lai had a year teaching at a secondary school in remote Kenya and has continued his affinity with Africa through his support for social workers in war torn Liberia. He has also offered talks on peace building in Northern Ireland and Columbia.

Within the community, Br. Pháp Lai’s humour, humility, sincerity, and wisdom have made him an endearing elder brother. His favourite practices are Dharma sharing and walking in nature, and he loves impromptu theatre and music.

Dharma Talks

Christmas eve talk- The true spirit of giving

Br Phap Lai gives the Christmas Eve talk on embracing the suffering that may come up during Christmas celebrations as well as the true spirit of giving. Br Phap Lai shares a story of being embraced by the collective energy of the community on Christmas eve while he was…

Br Pháp Lai

December 24, 2019

Taking care of Mother Earth

Br Phap Lai teaches on protecting Mother Earth. Protecting Mother Earth was one of Thay’s greatest teaching. He had the courage to love Mother Earth and face her suffering. In Thay’s book, Love Letter to the Earth, and his calligraphy “I am in love with Mother Earth”, he asks…

Br Pháp Lai

October 20, 2019

Wake Up Earth “Taking Care of our Mind”

Br. Phap Lai talks about having gratitude for simple things. It is easy to take things for granted when they are abundant. With mindfulness, when we are aware of impermanence, we learn to cherish our relationships and time we have left to live. Mindfulness itself is a source of…

Br Pháp Lai

August 11, 2019

Mindfulness as a Source of Happiness

Br Phap Lai started the talk with the song “In, Out, Deep, Slow”. He then explained what is mindfulness. The practice of mindful breathing helps us release the tension in our body, and to generate feelings of joy and happiness. We come to Plum Village with a common intention:…

Br Pháp Lai

July 14, 2019


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