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Dharma Talks / Practices to Find and Dwell in Our True Home| New Year’s Eve Talk

Sr Tuệ Nghiêm

Sr Tue Nghiem gives the New Year’s eve talk on looking for our true home. A true home is a place where there is true love, spaciousness and peace. With the approaching new year, she asks us to examine our lives and see if we are looking and going in the right direction? Every being has the potential to be awake, and our inner light is the energy of mindfulness. Our new year’s resolutions need to go in the direction of letting go, letting go of ideas, perceptions, desires for sensual pleasures.

Letting go allows us to simplify our lives, we empty ourselves so our inner light can reveal itself, we have time to reflect, we have more time for loved ones and can live more sustainably on the earth.

We also need to remember the goodness and beauty that we receive daily, Sr Tue Nghiem recommends the practice of a gratitude journal, for as long as we can be grateful, we can be happy. When we can see the things that contribute to our existence, we begin to touch interbeing.

The third practice recommended by Sr Tue Nghiem is ‘Love meditation’, she gives the example of the love meditation that she has created for herself, to accept, embrace and love ourselves as we are and to then to extend that same love to others.

In order to sustain a practice when we return to our home, she recommends that we ‘Take 10’ – a resolution for example to, take 10 steps, 10 mindful breaths or to sit for 10 minutes a day. It is a commitment to do something in mindfulness every day. If that is too difficult, Sr Tue Nghiem recommends the practice of ‘Take 1’, where we take one mindful step, one mindful breath, sit for one minute etc. She reminds us not to underestimate the ripple effect of our actions and that one good thought, even as short in duration as a snap of a finger, can shake the world in the ten directions.

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