Dharma Talks / Taking Care of Strong Emotions

Br Pháp Lai

This is the last talk in the first week of the summer retreat 2018. The first part of the talk is for children.

Dear children, do you ever got angry, bored, sad? Learn how not to be overwhelmed by emotions. Close your eyes, sit up straight, your back like a tree, imagine yourself like a tree. What should I do when I feel sad? To practice breathing.

From 29:40, the second part of the talk is for adults.

Sometimes we are frightened of our emotions if we don’t know how to handle them. We can learn how to take care of our emotions from a place of stability, of being with the breath, being present in our body, coming back to the island of mindfulness. It takes away the fear of emotions, the second arrow we called in Buddhism.

The last set of the 16 mindful breathing exercises starts with contemplating on impermanence, and then contemplating on non-craving, contemplating on nirvana and contemplating on letting go.

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