An Update on Thay’s Health: 8th January 2016

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Official Announcement

Plum Village, France
January 8, 2016


To all Plum Village Practice Centers,

To all Practice Centers and Sanghas world wide,

To our Dear Beloved Friends,


Since the dawn of the New Year, Thay has very clearly communicated to us a wish to return to his hermitage in Plum Village, France. Thay is satisfied with the progress he has made so far, thanks to the phenomenal care and attention of the doctors at UCSF, as well as all the many wonderful therapists treating him in the past six months. Thay would now like to return home to benefit from the healing collective energy there and to be with his Plum Village family. The doctors approved of Thay’s decision and assured us that Thay could make the journey without risk. The attendant team will continue to care for our teacher around the clock and to find the most appropriate therapies.


We are very happy to announce that Thay arrived safely at Bergerac airport in France this afternoon (Friday 8th January), and returned to his hermitage in Plum Village, to a warm welcome of songs and smiles from his monastic disciples.


We are profoundly grateful for all the support and loving donations that Thay and the attendants have received throughout their stay in San Francisco. The loving embrace of the global Sangha has allowed Thay to make great progress on his path of recovery, and he returns to Plum Village invigorated and full of joy. On the eve of the New Year, Thay joined in the joyful celebrations with his attendants, smiling and humming along as they sang. In the last few days, Thay has also enjoyed listening animatedly to recordings of his own voice reading some of his best-loved poems. We are all happy to trust in Thay’s new intuition to return to Plum Village. In the coming weeks we will celebrate the Lunar New Year, the Daffodil Festival, and the Great Ordination Ceremony at Plum Village, and are very happy to know that Thay will be able to enjoy these celebrations with us.


We continue to practice together to care for our teacher, to care for ourselves, and to care for the present moment; by doing so we can assure a bright future that contains the love of community, sisterhood and brotherhood. We are deeply grateful for the supportive energy that everyone is sending our teacher, and invite you to continue doing so as we turn this new page.


With love and trust,


The Monks and Nuns of Plum Village


Future official reports on Thay’s recovery will be posted from time to time at,,, and


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New Year Happy Photo 1

Celebrating New Year’s Eve with attendants, San Francisco, 31 Dec. 2015

Just a simple monk!

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83 comments on “An Update on Thay’s Health: 8th January 2016
  1. Thay's Student says:

    Dear Sangha,

    We are due for an update on our beloved Thay’s health status.

    Thank you!

  2. Dearest Thay and Plum Village Sangha:

    The unimpeded flow of compassion, lovingkindness, equanimity and joy that spreads through the world by way of your open hearts brings the beautiful possibility of peace for all mankind.

    Thank you for being like hollow bamboo and still waters, vessels of awakening for your brothers and sisters everywhere.

    Wishing your hearts peace during this time of transition for Thay.

    Lisa Zalovick

  3. Doris Krusch says:

    wir haben uns nie in die Augen gesehen
    wir werden niemals getrennt sein



  4. Laurie L. says:

    Bless your homecoming Thay and bless everyone embracing you and your recovery!! I love the posted picture♥♥ Peace, health, and happiness.

  5. Please Update says:

    Dear Sangha,

    It has been a while since your last update on how our beloved teacher Thay is doing. We are eagerly waiting for a new one.

    Thank you!

  6. Maria says:

    Welcome back to your Plum Village home! Thank you for your wonderful books which have helped me so much. They are written with eloquence and simplicity. I have shared with people who are receptive some of your deep, deep wisdom about love, breathing, and mindfulness. Thank you, Ven Thich Nhat Hanh! May you be well, happy, at peace!

  7. Diana P Unruh says:

    Breathing In — You are Home
    Breathing Out — I am Happy for You
    Breathing In — Wishing you continued improved health
    Breathing Out — So You may stay with us awhile longer.

  8. Dear Mr, Hanh

    Your book ´Das Herz von Buddhas lehre´ is very imposing, but

    is is it the truth that Buddha spoke about six Elements then the Translation from Buddhism in the german speaking lands from Karl Eugen Neumann will not be the truth

  9. Mindfullator says:

    Dear Sangha,

    Please give us an update on the health of our beloved teacher Thay.

    With compassion, love, joy and happiness we shall receive his news.

    Thank you for everything!

  10. Asti Hagenbach says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this announcement with us. I wish you that you can enjoy every second caring for this most beautiful teacher. Thanx, warmly — Asti

  11. TEMEKA GRAYSON says:


  12. De says:

    My heart smiles knowing you have returned “home.” I am certain you are exactly where you are suppose to be; surrounded by the love and light of the many beloved’s who reside at Plum Village.

    May this year bring you more healing, health and vitality. You are an inspiration. A man with a BIG HEART and message. I will always remember sitting in the front row of a small gathering in Northern Vermont, years ago (1997-98?) as I listening to you speak, but more so experienced the energetic power of your presence. What a gift.

    Much love and blessings to you.


  13. Dear Thay,

    You are the greatest influence on my life. I would not be a yoga teacher today without you. I have never stopped thinking about you since reading the book Touching Peace twenty years ago, especially those first words “Life is a miracle.”

    I share your teachings regularly with my students in Shanghai. You are a great inspiration to many of us here. Bless your heart.


  14. Phil DeVault says:

    Thay, You are in my prayers and thoughts throughout every day. With love and dedication, Phil

  15. Ross Hoffman says:

    Dear Thay – Thank you for your teachings. You have helped me and you are an inspiration

    Please have a look at the work of French physician Dr J Bloch. I do not know the status of her research, but the work is exciting and may be transformative. I suggest speaking with your physicians and assessing whether you might be a candidate for an academic therapeutic trial. Sending love and healing, Ross Hoffman, MD

  16. Elisabeth Cazer says:

    Dear Thay,

    I am very happy to hear that you are back in Plum Village. Many thanks to the Sangha who is taking care of you.

    Thank you so much for your teachings. They bring me relief and joy. It is a joy also to share them with others.

    Here in Yangmingshan, Taipei, where I live, wild cherry trees are blossoming all over in the cold mountain. Their deep, dark pink color is wonderful to see, on the background of the lush green tropical forest.
    The plum trees, with their tiny white flowers and their subtle fragrance of vanilla, have almost finished to blossom, and small green leaves have appeared on their twigs.
    It is a joy to see the endless cycle of seasons.

    May you be well, dear Thay,
    Our love from Taiwan

  17. Sandra Lodin says:

    I feel joy and my heart is full of compassion for you .
    I just Reading your book and I am so happy I can
    take part of your life and teachings.
    Thanks so mutch. Happy you are with your
    sangha again healthy. You learn me to be fully present
    here and know. I am so thankful. Thanks for your compassion towards all life you learning me how to be happy now.

  18. Marianna Roccia says:

    Dear Thay, dear Sangha, I never stop thinking about you. Your great love is in every cell of my body..We love you!????

  19. Lucy Kendall says:

    Dear Thay,
    we wish you well. May your days be filled with joy and happiness. My son and I stayed at Plum Village for 6 weeks during the winter of 2004/2005. It set me on a joyful path and I am so grateful for your wonderful teachings. My son who was ten years old at the time was transformed from a child with many problems to a happy smiling boy, although he cried for many days after we had to return to the UK. He stills treasures the lotus seed pod you kindly gave him while walking hand in hand around Plum Village.
    Much love to you from us both,
    Lucy and Luke.

  20. Geertjan says:

    Dear Thay.

    I,M very happy you are back home.
    Thank you very much for everything you have learned to me.

    Kind regards,

    Geertjan ????

  21. Peter says:

    Dear Thay, I have just discovered “living Buddha, living Christ.” Amazing, it’s saving my life, thank you, God bless yours. Pete. Uk

  22. Rex Bruce says:

    I have never had the privilege of meeting you, but have read many of your books starting in 1992 and seen you speak publicly twice including your recent visit to Pasadena. It is uncanny how much affection I have for you and how deeply I love you dearest teacher. I am forever grateful for everything you have taught me. I feel like we are old friends. You have my deepest and warmest wishes for recovering in the comfort of Plum Village, should I have the fortune to one day be in your company I will be a happy man indeed. But, I know a person like you dwells everywhere. I will do my best to remember that every day, to know your heart of unfathomable warmth dwells in mine, old friend, and your shining light is one in the same as mine as well.

  23. Matty J says:

    Happy Groundhogs Day, Thay and Plum Village!!
    Peace and Joy and Thanks for all your wonderful work. You have touched so many lives all over the World!
    Matty J

  24. Asha Singh says:

    Dear Thay,

    You blessed and inspired my life many years ago in London, I think. I have never forgotten your kindness and warmth, as we all walked together. Wishing you health and peace.

    This is it!


  25. Zenni says:

    Dearest Thay <3
    I so happy you're recovering well and getting stronger,
    and now back at your beloved Plum Village :-)
    You've arrived :-)
    You're home :-)
    So rejoiceful!
    Thank you so much for your teachings.
    Sending you the energy of love, warmth and healing…

    • Eric Lanng says:

      Dear Friends,

      The following I wrote inspired by this poetic update…

      Thay beloved buddhist teacher, stroke, health, awakening, and the inevitable golden age coming to earth…

      By Eric Lang​

      “People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.” – Thay

      “Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today” – Thay

      With calm and a small glimpse of timelessness in the present moment, hope and faith and knowledge of a better tomorrow I share the following on this social medium… With a grokking of health and longevity, as a beginner of the path, starting in this first moment again, with no role as a spiritual teacher, just a perhaps helpful brother to you on our journey together I channel the following through the grace of my guru, Shri Neem Karoli Maharaj-ji​ I pour the following out of my heart to you here and now… Let these words point you to the concept and word free truth, look between the words, let them move through you, and use them as you will. Dedicated to Thay or Thich Nhat Hanh

      One of my favorite Buddhists teachers, that taught nirvana is by simply being in the moment, had a major stroke years ago. When it first happened I was shocked, Ram Dass stroked, Thay stroked, why did these peaceful healthy spiritual people suffer such major health issues in their golden years… logic would say they should me more healthy and live past even 100. This was of course my logical mind, as I followed Thay’s health, I saw the same courageous simple nirvana living man in the process of recovery from a stroke. I saw how the global community rallied around helping Thay’s issues in a dharmic way that is in the spirit of relieving the suffering of all beings. I saw how indeed a major health issue can be used as grist for the mill of awakening many beings to their buddha or divine nature of being here now as ONE. I cried when I first read that Thay’s first word he uttered since the stroke was simply “OMMMM” He still can’t be the eloquent speaker that he was, and he apparently mostly is silent and smiles and hums. He has returned home to his beloved community in france. I don’t know about you but being a human being I will certainly at the least have minor physical and mental health issues, in my case I had a serious case of bipolar disorder, that is now managed through various medicinal means and spiritual practices, eating habits and so on. Thay has become inspiration for turning this mental health issues as well as attachments, desires and bad habits, as the fuel for me to recognize when I am lost in drama, and through practice pull back into my soul that is love, and loves it all as it merges into the great One, what he would call Buddha nature. Yeah, I am no spiritual teacher like Thay, I consider myself just another bozo on the bus where it’s all us, heading home to final liberation. Yet for my family, friends, facebook friends, youtube followers and others I have become in essence a living teaching of simply being in the moment as best I can, channeling a deeper wisdom higher then my attainment and presenting it in a way that helps others. Look at this picture of Thay in the center, surrounded by his community, feel his deep powerful God teaching… He is the buddhist, but he has achieved the same realization that theists also get, that all is interconnected, One and ultimately beyond duality. He is definately not a fundie religious dogmatic literalist buddhist, but rather a spiritual being that practices and teaches from a specific buddhist tradition while incorporating others traditions and honoring them. The following article is poetic update of Thay’s health, moving and inspiring. I have finally let go of my disappointment, feeling of betrayal, and fear surrounding Thay’s stroke. It also shows the cosmic wierdness of a person that say eats meant smokes ciggs, doesn’t exercise much, doesn’t do any spiritual practices… living relatively healthy with no major stroke for a long life dying peacefully in their sleep, and returning to soul land. Why Thay have a stroke and not this person with all these issues…? Isn’t there some set of logical rules and habits we can follow to assure good health and longevity dying peacefully with dignity? What is the secret to health and a long life? I feel there is One, it has to do with a personal relationship with the higher power along with many factors involving habits, behaviors and karmic situations… But Thay shows that superb health is not the best in all situations. that people needs courageous spiritual beings, that have disabled, sickly, ill health and human weakness using their stuff so to speak as a method of spreading awakening. As Martin Luther King, who died early for love, said, “Longevity has it’s place” so does being in good health, so does seeking good health.. Yoga teacher and aunt Diane Hulse-Hiller​ I feel used health centered yoga and seeking, hatha yoga, as a spiritual awakening practice and teaching… People like her are more common these days.. But it is not the whole story for sure. For example, Ramana Maharshi a realized being, totally aware, passed on from a physical disease, he said, “this body is just used up” when he was dying, those around him cried out, “Don’t leave us” He said, “Don’t be silly, where could I go?” So there are 2000 year old yogis like Babaji that live in secret in the mountains of India, with perfect healthy youthful bodies defeating aging, disappearing and reappearing the body at will… There is a place, for that, the fountain of youth is possible, that is what Maha avatar Babaji shows those that tune in his existence… There is also a place from Ramakrishna who had health problems and died young, but achieved the same state of consciousness as Babaji. We have to face the higher power, relate with it, listen to it from the heart… and work out what we basically want out of our life… Do we want the longevity and good health, or do we want the best for the awakening of all beings that may included health issues and a shorter life span. With the higher power’s power through a spiritual relationship, we can be at peace forever, we can achieve all our worldly dreams, and we can even bring peace to this planet, a lasting new golden age of humanity with collective awareness and symbiosis with earth and sustainable abundant technology. I faced my higher self in all it’s glory, and asked that I first be protected in my spiritual journey home so my personal suffering is never too much. The higher power promised me this through a synchronistic miracle, in which a buddhist friend, without knowing I had prayed for the first time in my life for four hours for “protection” privately telling no one, handed me as soon as he saw me after leaving the dorm area and walking in the college lunch hall. He told me later he got an intuition to do this,thus handing me a pure land buddhist protection card, with the three sages of the pure land, an astral plane, and protection mantras in Chinese on the back, saying “This will protect you for life” and life is eternal right?. I have come to fully accept this gift given to me for eternity until my final arrival home forever, even though I gave the card away seeing that the physical object was just to make my faith strong until I would pass it along, which I did to a dear friend Scott Alloway​. But I have come to ask for more from my higher power, I have asked for the earth within my human lifetime soon as possible, to have a lasting peace and golden age. Many in the spiritual community have told me that this is too much to ask, many doubt humanity will survive, and some have even come to strongly be attached to doom and gloom of humanity’s collective death. Recently I spoke with a new friend I met in the Neem Karoli Baba satsang Ram Om​ that hoped I was right about the future, but didn’t know and feel it in his heart enough to be assured of a peaceful planet’s inevitability. But my higher power over the years, has given me the knowledge that earth and humanity’s harmony is inevitable, in fact. Strangely enough ETs (whose ships I have witnessed) realized in the oneness of their being, use their advanced technology fused with consciousness to prevent humans from destroying themselves whenever needed. My relationship and grokking of the so called “Aliens” is based in experience, inner knowledge, searching the evidence slowly being disclosed by governments around the world. Although I begged and begged to know the date of this destined leap of humanity, the higher power inspired me to use evernew bliss and the newness of each moment, to cultivate a change in destiny that undoes the karmic web and brings collective peace to the earth NOW. As Neem Karoli Baba said, “I can change destiny” Although some in spiritual community think the ET issues is unimporant or strange, who are more attached in the I don’t know realm of humanity’s future. I met Carl Haridas Thompson​ who also sees the importance of these issues and is a devotee of the same guru… Others following the same guru like Raghu Markus​ were dismissive of the importance of the ET issue and the future of humanity, although he strongly agree and relate with a so called “dead” saint… we do agree of practice and making spirituality practical in our daily life. My major spiritual teacher Ram Dass who wrote my bible “Remember Be Here Now” talked with me on skype about the ET issue and the future of humanity, and to my delight, we seeed eye to eye of these issues, yet I strongly sensed ram dass had little if any attachment to these understandings, so it gave me the power to let go, giving up knowing and knowing that I know, and simply be in the knowledge. As Krishna Das told me in a personal communication, just bask more in baba’s love and don’t try to figure so much out even though we can figure some of the mystery out. So I don’t know the date of earth and humanity’s inevitable transformation, and those beings that know the exact day have never publically revealed it. Also the prophecy of 2012 being either the end of the world or a new age of peace was a big disappointment for me, as I realized I attempted to use the date of Dec 21 2012 to create along with many others a massive awakening. We wonder in certain communities did we fail, or did we plant a seed that will soon burst through the dirt to bask in the sun. DrRam Sharma​ a friend who reminds me to say my mantra Ram, reminded me in his poems to balance the certainty of humanity’s future with a deep sense of patience and humility. . I sense it will be within the next ten years, this sooness I feeling I cannot shake, and Thay and his community will play a part of course…. call me an optimist or crazy dreamer, call me ignorant about science or health even though quantum sciences have in essence proven some sort of spiritual dimension to existence… call me a polyannish shelteredd man that tried to make the best of things that essentially are pointless and horrible…, whatever, but I will do everything I can to bring peace to myself to the earth to humanity and to all beings everywhere, with every karmic situation, human drama, human weakness, health issue and so on…

      “We have to walk in a way that we only print peace and serenity on the Earth. Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” – Thay

      These are ideals, intentions and promises, but I must walk the walk. I must develop more balance in my spirituality rather then the ups and downs that can be too extreme. Develop the simplicity and humility that Thay exemplifies.

      If anything Thay’s greatest teaching is bringing peace to earth and awakening humanity with our present centered practice. Congratulations if you made it this far, don’t be shy if you made it this far a like or small comment would be honored by me but not expected of course. I hope these heart felt words that used Thay’s health issues to communicate on many important topics. I really hope helped you in some way, even if very subtle and only for a moment. And please I don’t expect or even desire anything in return. I pray that my words don’t confuse or hurt anyone, but I know some will misunderstand them.

      Being Here Now

      A soul on a roll.

      PS: This article was helped by interactions with Bruce Hulse​, a devoted buddhist uncle and upa guru Greg Carpenter​ Aimee Mishkovsky​ Joby Bishop​ fellow satsang members that facebook communications inspire me and the great friendship of Tom D. Smith​ Also April Hulse Lang​ who has always supported so much my attempts to share consciousness on facebook.

      To my cynical or doubtful or pessimistic or judgemental friends… Hey look you read this far, so there must be some reason why you think this section addresses you right?

      • Sylvia Clements says:

        Universal Blessings to you, dear spiritual brother, Eric. Your heartfelt sharing is enjoyed by myself and the friends I forwarded it to. Thay is loved and remembered. Peace, harmony, love, spiritual energy. Find bliss in the process……’s “contagious”.

  26. The Weston Family says:

    Dear Thay,
    Welcome back to Plum village. We are so happy to know your health has improved enough for you to get back ‘home’. WE wish you a wonderful peaceful and joyful new year and send you all our best wishes for your continued recovery. Thank you for having inspired our family so many times in person and through your teachings and books.
    Kindest regards et bienvenu de nouveau au village des pruniers.
    A bientot,
    Peter Valerie Max et Lucie

  27. Teresa López & Pedro Aguilar says:

    Dear friends,

    my name is Pedro Aguilar
    and I was in Upper Hamlet with my wife from 27 th December to 4 th January.
    I send you a video I recorded during our stay

    I hope you enjoy it,

    Please let Françoise know about it

    with joined palms

  28. A belated happy New Year to all of you reading this and for plum village residents, Thay included, returned with joy, to his “home” , if I’m right. Since the end of last year 2015, Thay’s often present in my awareness with my respect for his work, his being, reminding me of the center within me, where the root of my reality’s manifestation resides. It’s becoming a truth to me, outgrowing my mind’s concept of it. To me, Thay’s the living presence of that truth and an inspiration to me more than ever before. Thank you.

  29. Anna Nguyenova says:

    Sending you love and light! Very happy to hear you are doing well, may you recover fast and continue to feel the love and gratitude we are sending your way xx

  30. Onggreny Wangsa says:

    So happy????
    Love u Thay????

  31. Onggreny says:

    So happy ????
    Love you Thay????

  32. Patricia says:

    I am so happy to know Thich Nhat Hanh has safely returned to Plum village!

  33. Jessica says:

    So very glad to know he has returned home! Much love and healing energy being sent to him from around the world! May he continue to grow healthier and stronger!
    Many Blessings

    • Jorge Amy says:

      Dear Thay, God bless you, many times over!. I have read many of your great books, so full of wisdom, mindfulness and so well written. I spent an unforgettable time (on the day I turned 50 over thirteen years ago!) in one of your retreats in Deer Park, San Diego CA. You are a great teacher and Zen Master. I cannot tell you how happy I am that you are back in Plum Village surrounded by all your beloved monks, nuns and disciples. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to spend time in your presence. Thank you! thank you! and may God bless you always!!. Love, Jorge A. Amy From Maryland, USA

  34. Jitu Jhaveri says:

    Dear Thay, so glad and over joyed by your return to your home. May you be well and safe and wish you speedy recovery. I am tremendously grateful for your teachings and I have listen to them on you tube again and again while going to work. You have been a real source of inspiration to me and to lots of brothers and sisters.

    May we hear your inner journey throughout this ordeal in your own words soon? It will guide us in our spiritual journey.

    May we hear your sweet voice soon. Best wishes from bottom of my heart.


  35. Suranaganie says:

    I am glad, happy, and able to smile, after seeing Thay back safely. Master, by sincere blessings and prayers will continue and I am sure you will be able to move with the devotees just as earlier.
    May you be well and happy!

    Thousand Sadhus to you dear.


  36. Kirk Gresham says:

    Blessings, Joy and Congratulations our beloved Thay on your return to your home at Plum Village. I have practiced Vipassana since I was lucky enough to meet Stephen Levine in 1978. I have known about Thay for many years, and read some of his works, heard his Dhamma talks, was impressed but for some reason, not so deeply connected. Then, on January 12th I had a very vivid and dramatic dream in which, they was alive but hanging on a cross. I was standing in front of him shocked and feeling his suffering, and not knowing how to help him. He only smiled back at me with his cute little grin, as though even then, wanting to assure and relieve me he was absolutely free, even there, still the Bhodisatva that he has always been. I embraced him, trying unsuccessfully to lift him off the cross, but we both held each other sobbing and laughing then with profound joy, willing to feel and carry the suffering of the world, just as Jesus, and all the Bhodisatvas of the world have done. There was then a huge celebration in his honor and I was so confused and honored to have been invited somehow to attend and help in this small and unexpected way. I’d heard months ago of his stroke (I should add that I myself survived a small stoke some 20 years ago, in which I was also very near death) but I was too lost in my own self-centeredness at that time to check on his well being or recovery. As a result of this seemingly prophetic dream, I immediately checked on his health the next day, and was so glad to see and hear of his amazing progress and his return home. I also have pulled his book out again and have been watching his dharma talks on You Tube every day since as an added part of my Vipassana practice. But now I am deeply sobbing, feeling the deep suffering in our current war torn world and laughing from profound hope and magnificent joy offered by Thay’s presence, wisdom and love for us all. Over the past year I have been deeply troubled, by the greed, hatred and war, being peddled by our politician’s here in American. I have felt so powerless to do anything to change it. All I could think to do was to light incense and a candle during my morning meditations and send out my metta for all the spiritual practitioners around the world (of all faiths)who might be, at that very moment, striving to live and do something to bring forward the real wisdom, healing, sanity and peace, for all, that seems so needed now for the very survival of our planet. I’ve felt certain that no political leader will turn this around, and certainly no war. I have prayed daily for a great spiritual leader, a new Buddha, or Christ, or Mohammed like being to come and lead us powerfully in the correct direction….Now, I feel hope, that at least for now, Thay has been here all along, and that for now, he can provide myself and us all, in the direction I was praying for. I’m also praying to know how, as I was in my dream, how I can participate and help, Thay and his followers, or any other new living Bhodisatva or Buddha who I may yet discover. Please let me know, if you have some ideas for me how I can be more active in such a movement. In the meantime, Thay’s appearance in my life has also inspired me to join a 12 mile Buddhist lead Peace March, that I’ve discovered, will be walking to my small town, tomorrow morning……Much love and gratitude to you all, and to my new teacher, and much loved Master Thay!

  37. Brij Puri says:

    He is a DIVINE BEING BLESSED to our PLANET to Raise our INNER SPIRITS {{“Atma”}to elevate us as spiritual Beings to learn LIFE‘s greatest Lessons of LOVE & COMPASSION.
    \Deepest LOVE & REGARDS to ALL in HIS ASHRAM at Plum Village.

  38. Cheryl says:

    Dear Thay, I wish you peace, joy, and ease in the new year. The teachings continue beautifully, as you intended. I send heartfelt gratitude and love as you settle back into your hermitage, surrounded by the Plum Village Sangha. You are held in in the hearts of your students in the worldwide sangha.

  39. Nuno Cativo says:

    Dear Thay, thank you for all the teachings.

    Hope you get better and stay with us for a long time.

    I am very happy to see you surrounded by love and care.

    From Portugal,

  40. Jerry says:

    Wonderful news of Thay’s return to Plum Village. I am inspired by his courage and fortitude. His teachings have guided me greatly over the years and I was so privileged to meet him in person at the monastery in MS, USA. Deep bows, jerry yahkov

  41. Be well dear guru Thay. Be well. May the Creator, Divine Consciousness bless you with a peaceful and speedy return to a healthy life, a healthy and peaceful day to day existence. We love you. The world needs and loves your energy. Be well, be safe, be strong and may God, Divine Consciousness bless you, always. I am a much better person because of your teachings Thay and the teachings of blessed Buddha. Thank you.

  42. Mehdi says:

    Thay you that light that shines and shows the way in the midst of every day life’s confusion and struggles.
    Thank you for being there for us.

  43. Jason Pugliese says:

    Dear Thay,

    I am so happy to hear the wonderful news of your return back to Plum Village.

    I want to thank you – your teachings have changed my life, which has had great positive effects on my family, friends,and community. Based on your teachings, I have also started a successful business that helps people build businesses in a mindful way.

    I have been on your retreats a few times, and am so grateful for your life’s work and your teaching.

    I am wishing you the best in your recovery.

    With Great Love, Respect, and Gratitude,

    Jason Pugliese

  44. Catherine Whitaker says:

    This news moved me greatly. It brings me much joy to know that Thay is back in Plum Village, surrounded by the healing and nourishing love of his Sangha, and able to breathe, and walk, and sit, in peace. Thank you for your presence Thay, and for being present, and in full acceptance, of your present condition. You touch and heal so many with your humility, love and understanding. Thank you too to your monastic brothers and sisters, and the wider community, who have loved and supported you so deeply.

  45. Vos Julie says:

    Mijn beste vriend’k Ben heel blij te horen dat je terug thuis is in je geliefde Plume Village.
    Altijd met jou verbonden door je woorden je eenvoud en je licht.
    Altijd in onze meditatie aanwezig.
    IK wens je veel healing op je verdere weg.
    Namaste XXX

  46. Amalie Kauth says:

    Dear Thay,
    I’m so happy to see your smile.
    I am so grateful for your help it has changed a lot in my life. I also thank our brothers and sisters who have represented you wonderfully with very deep Dharmatalks.
    We are very happy that now Thay can again celebrate with us.
    I love you Thay and Plum Village Community
    Thay is looking wonderful

  47. Deb says:

    Dear Thay & Sangha,
    What joyous news, your picture lifted my heart & spirit, thank you for keeping us informed. Thay’s words have changed my life & strengthened so many, reminding us of the essential in life. Love & Blessings

  48. veronica coughlan says:

    “The dandelion” held your smile Thay Nahat Hanh for a while. Happy you are back in your beloved Plume Village though your spirit is everywhere. Thank you for inspiring me towards a better way of living.

    Veronica Coughlan

  49. Mary Theisen says:

    Dear Thay I want to say thank you for your help!
    Summer 2014 I was in Waldbröl to hear your speech. Two years long I had no contact with my son (33 years old). He had accused me of being guilty for his problems in life and avoided contact since then. At the beginning of summer 2014 he wrote me a letter full of accusations. I was totally shocked and sad because after the separation from my husband, his father, I had tried to do the best for my children who I loved so much. And I suffered so much . So I did not know how to react and how to come into contact with my son again.
    Then I heard you, Thay. The first sentences: you talked about a father and his sons who hadn´t have contact to each other for a long time. Then your advice: Listen, listen carefully. This I did. I went to a therapy with my son and listened. We had quite a number of therapy lessons and more and more I understood my son better and he me.
    Since then we see each other regularly and have good talks. It gave me back my happiness. I feel so much obliged to you, dear Thay, and can´t thank you enough. I wish you all the best for your recreation and thank you for being there.

  50. Samer says:

    Dear Thay & Sangha,

    I am filled with joy and extremely happy to hear the wonderful news about Thay.

    It is an amazing thing to witness a person like Thay; a true inspirational role model in health and in sickness. May you heal soon dear Thay, and may you recover your ability to talk.

    Finally, congratulations to you Thay for a life well lived. Millions of people’s lives (including mine) are better off today because of you. We love you and grateful for your compassion and wisdom that touched us and helped heal our wounded souls. When I grow up, I wanna be just like you. (I am 50+)…lol

  51. Ian says:

    All of the meditations that we’ve all done has helped to bring a union of our spiritual belief in healing the world and all living things that we take care of on a daily basis. I wept with this recent news that Thay had gone home………………but then home is within the heart and mind of all beings.
    I wish you all Peace, Joy, Love and Happiness…. NAMSTE

  52. mina says:

    and what about the treatments he has to do to be better?

  53. Lee Slaff says:

    Such great love! Many Blessings.

  54. Faye Harasack says:

    Dear Thay, I’m glad you were able to go to San Francisco and take advantage of the skill of the doctors and therapists there, and I send my gratitude to them and to the monastic caregivers who accompanied you during your stay Now, I’m so happy to think of you in Plum Village, contributing to and benefiting from the powerful collective energy generated by so many friends living and practicing together! May you enjoy the blooming daffodils this spring, and the beautiful plum blossoms on the trees you planted. I am so grateful for your teachings, and for the example and energy of the sangha, showing me the way to breathe and enjoy the cold and sparkling snow here in Alaska! My life and the lives of those around me are so much happier because of meeting you and learning the practice. Thank you to all, with a deep bow of love and respect.

  55. I am very happy to learn venerable master Thay is recovering rapidly. His Teachings are an inspiration to many of us fellow Buddhist practitioners (although in my case, with a different Master and Sangha) I wish him the very best.

  56. Michelle Pantano says:

    Best news I have had today and I have had lots of good news! So Happy ????

  57. Wally Conger says:

    Dear Thay, noble sangha, I Shared this photo yesterday with the comment that I was saddened to see the effects of the stroke in Thay’s face – and I cried. Later, I read another comment from a woman who remarked how “she was happy to see the beautiful smile on Thay’s face;” I was immediately surprised by my dissonance with her experience, I have contemplated on it and believe that it is a core teaching coming to me; when I looked at his face the first time, I was saddened; happy to see him, but feeling my own feelings – internal, self-directed, selfish…not deeply looking at Thay, and thinking only of him.

    Isn’t that fundamental to what he teaches us?…to be more aware of and have concern more for others, and less for ourselves? I looked at the picture again, several times, and I am amazed at how clear I see his smile. It feels like a lesson for me in true compassion…of refraining from judging or reacting emotionally or creating stories about what I see – and feel. Instead, seeing, observing, breathing, accepting, loving “the other,” and breathing.

    I looked for the woman who posted her observation that triggered these awarenesses in me – I wanted to thank her, but I could not find her in the outpouring of loving comments…I would not be surprised if she comes across this…if so, thank you for your being, for you loving heart, and your noble observation of Thay, and expressing such unselfish joy at his happiness. Thank you, thank you _/\_

  58. Jeannette Adair says:


    This morning I opened my email and discovered that dear Thay had returned to Plum Village. It’s my 72nd birthday today and this has been the most wonderful gift I could have possibly received. Warm gratitude and loving wishes to all of you at Plum Village.

    Jeannette (Walking in Peace Sangha)

  59. Atula Shah says:

    Happy New Year to Thay & the wonderful Plum village Sangha. So very happy to hear that Thay has returned back home to Plum Village & is on path of recovery. He looks so glowing & can feel his blessings. With deep gratitude to all who cared for him & continuing in doing so daily. With Metta.

  60. Vân Nguyễn says:

    So glad to see Thầy’s picture, may you feel better everyday ????. Con xin kính chúc Thầy thân tâm an lạc và sức khoẻ của Thầy được viên mãn ạ! ????

  61. Sharry says:

    Dear beloved Thay ,you brought me joyful tear again and again.what wonderful New Year gift to know You came back to the community, The Plum Village.
    Prayers with you always .
    Breathe and Smile

  62. Michael says:

    Happy that Thay is home at Plum Village. His books and podcasts saved my life after I lost so much in 2012. Thanks to all. Peace.

  63. Jane Nosan says:

    Back to Plum Village for 2016, such a wonderful homecoming, dear Thay and sangha. I heard Thay in person at Estes Park seminar, such a lovely time, and pure wisdom of his words. Thank you for that gift, Thay, may you be comfortable back in your home.

  64. Scott Cutshall says:

    Such amazing and heartwarming news…

    Namaste-Om, All is Bliss, All is Bliss


  65. Arhia says:

    Blessings, dear Thay. Your words, your energy, your teachings continue to have a profound effect on my life. The people around me are happier because I learn from you. Again and again, I find new truth in all you have practiced so hard to show us. I think of you every day. Each moment now is a miracle; I know you will be with me always.

  66. Please e.
    Am interested in buddhism and teachings.i feel my journey is just beginning.
    Get well and peace.

  67. Steve Brasch says:

    Thay has had such a positive influence in my life and everything has changed so much for me ! This news brings unspeakable joy to me and those i know, here in Ottawa Wisconsin.

  68. Anneke Breukel says:

    Love to you all

  69. Cath Figge says:

    My heart is filled with joy and gratitude to hear this wonderful news.

  70. Thank you Teacher for the many lessons and gifts. You have been an inspiration to me through your books and online lectures and interviews for many years. To celebrate the opening of the Magnolia Grove Monastery with you and the beautiful brothers and sisters in this community was a pivotal moment on my spiritual path.

    Please know that your lessons are now being shared, through my heart’s work, with Veterans, and they are gaining tremendous value from these enlightened perspectives. The Mindful Eating Meditation has been a powerful tool we use to help them become more focused, calm and aware of their inner world.

    My heart is full of love and light which I gratefully share with you on your healing journey.

  71. marilyn goodrich says:

    Dear Thay
    i am very happy you are back home.
    your life has made mine happier. i am sending you a smile from my peaceful island in the atlantic ocean. In this smile is gratitude for your tireless teaching, your great insight, your generosity and love for all. in this smile is my love which you helped me find.

  72. Marta Helena Henao Aristizábal says:

    Thay, take care, you know how as the most, peace and Love

  73. Caz Pattinson-Phillips says:

    It lifts my heart to know Thay is back home. Sending you all much joy and love. Thay teachings are so gentle but deeply powerful. One day soon we will come to Plum village I hope xxxx

  74. Katherine Dowding says:

    What happy news, grateful that he is home amongst friends and family. Wishing him continued health and happiness in this part of his journey.

  75. Milly Jo says:

    Thay has changed my life for the better. I pray for him and all he loves every time he comes into my thoughts. I do not know where I would be in life had I not come across his teachings. Thank you for the love and light you have brought not only to me but the world. I am grateful for your existence. Thank you for showing me a cloud in a flower. Thank you for helping me forgive my father, it allowed me to move on with my life, to have a child and know that I can love them. It has given me back the good that my father had given me. I am a better person because of your teachings, and I have in turn effected others in a far more positive way and will continue to do so for as long as my spirit remains in this body. God bless you and your blessed peaceful steps on this earth.

  76. Maire nic giolla bhride says:

    A very special day here in Ireland too. Made my day to learn that Thay was due home in Plum Village . Showered by beautiful blossoms.

  77. Regan Heavey says:

    Bless you Thay – you have had the most wonderful effect on my life – I find I can continue because of your teaching – it is immeasurable how much I have achieved with your help – everyday your teachings makes me stronger – and now I can help others.

    Bless all the Sangha who have been so great and your carers in LA – may your recovery be comfortable in France again – please stay with us long and be healthy.

  78. What wonderful news, and what a special photograph. I am so grateful for the teachings of peace that Thich Nhat Hanh has taught throughout his thoughtful, compassionate, intelligent and mindful life, and am so fortunate to have heard about and benefitted from all that I have learnt, and continue to learn, from him. Thay is in my prayers too. Blessings and love to you all x

  79. Elizabeth Kaplan says:

    I am so pleased to hear that you are able to return to Plum Village. Prayers are with you everyday. This is joyful news!