Summer Opening Retreat

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Date(s): Jul. 04, 2014 - Aug. 01, 2014
Language: English / French

Plum Village - all hamlets

Thich Nhat Hanh, Walking Meditation with Children #2. New HamletThe four-week Summer Opening, led by Thich Nhat Hanh, is Plum Village’s largest and most festive retreat.

It is a time to be nourished by deep yet accessible teachings, the peace and splendour of the summer countryside and the joy of community.

We welcome families, couples and individuals of all ages, and all nationalities, to join us for this joyful and colourful time of living mindfully together.

Plum Village monks and nuns offer special programs for children, teens and young adults.

_DSC7057Thich Nhat Hanh will give four talks (in English or French) every week, including a question-and-answer session, translated simultaneously into at least 6 languages.

It is a wonderful retreat for those new to mindfulness practice in the Plum Village tradition, as well as for anyone interested in mindful community life.

If you would like to attend the Summer Retreat, please read the instructions below carefully to properly complete your registration form.

IMG_7586Since Plum Village generally hosts about 800 participants per week (spread out over five hamlets), please register before June 1st to ensure a space. The last date for registration for all weeks is June 30th. Arrival and departure day for the Summer Retreat 2014 is Friday each week.

We would like to kindly ask your support by registering at one hamlet only in order to avoid confusion and redundant registrations.

Please read our information about visiting Plum Village for a retreat. If the information that you need is not available there, then please write to one of our hamlets using the Contact Us form.


Upper Hamlet


  • For parent/s with children (12 years and younger) whose native language is French, Italian, Spanish or Vietnamese
  • for couples who are native Italian or Spanish speakers
  • for all single men
  • for all teenage boys aged 13-18 years
  • Please note: No teenage girls
    register in Upper Hamlet

New Hamlet


  • For parent/s with children (12 years and younger) whose native language is English or Scandinavian
  • for single women or couples whose native language is: English, French or Scandinavian
  • for all teenage girls aged 13-17 years 

Lower Hamlet


  • For single women or couples whose native language is: Dutch, English, French or German
  • for all Vietnamese speakers 

PLEASE NOTE: For parent’s with children (12 years or younger) whose native language is German or Dutch, please read this important information before registering.