News: We are offering online retreats while Plum Village France remains temporarily closed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Happy Farmers Heading North

From 5 to 12 April the Plum Village Happy Farmers will visit Verdelot to support the first Happy Farm Retreat in Healing Spring Monastery, our new practice center near Paris.

Rediscovering our connection with nature

Plum Village has already hosted two successful “Fappy Farm Experience” weeks. A third edition is coming up in May, with Lower Hamlet already fully booked. Now this combination of farming and mindfulness is coming to the country side near Paris, where the brothers are starting to farm on the vegetable garden that was already present on the grounds of the former convent.


The garden of mindfulness, peace, happiness and transformation.

During the retreat, we will play together, exploring the art of cultivating our minds in connection with the earth, and we take care of the garden of the monastery.

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