Message for the Holy Season

Dear friends of Plum Village,

This Holy Season let us all bring light into the world. Every time we turn on the light or light a candle we can bring light of two kinds into the world. There is the physical light which helps our eyes to see physical objects and there is a spiritual light, which is the practice of Right Mindfulness and full awareness.

Every time we turn on the light, we can recite this short verse (gatha):

Forgetfulness is the darkness,
Mindfulness is the light.
The light of awareness
That shines on all life.

When we light a candle the verse we can practice is:

Lighting this candle,
As an offering to countless buddhas,
One moment of peace and joy
Lights up the face of the earth.

Breathing in … we recite the first line of the verse; breathing out … the
second. Breathing in … the third line; breathing out … the fourth line. In just two in-and out-breaths we return to the oneness of our body and mind in the present moment. We can shine the light of awareness into the dark corners of our consciousness.

By doing this, first of all we take care of our own suffering and then we can remove our wrong perceptions, suspicions and doubts concerning our family members, friends and community of practice. The peace and joy that we feel goes out into the world.

The Holy Season is a time of renewal and reconciliation; a time for shining the light of mindfulness on to our own mind and body. We do not need to buy things to make the other person happy.

Writing a letter or speaking words of reconciliation and or of gratitude, is infinitely precious – something that money cannot buy.

This winter the Plum Village community in France has been studying and practicing again Thay’s teachings on the Buddhist contribution to a global ethic.

At the end of the year 2023 and the beginning of the year 2024 there will be an opportunity for friends, who so desire, to receive the practice of the Five Mindfulness Trainings. Knowing that there are people who will practice the Trainings in order to go in the direction of goodness, beauty and truth is a gift not only for those who receive the Trainings but for all of us.

All of us, no matter what our spiritual tradition is, care and love our precious planet earth. The Mindfulness Trainings guide us in ways to
care for the Earth. Together we can dedicate this Holy Season to our Mother the
Earth by being deeply in touch every day with all the wonders she offers us: the tiny flowers, the trees, the rocks and the pebbles.

We wish you all a peaceful and fulfilling Holy Season.

Sister True Virtue, on behalf of the Plum Village Community

Sr. True Virtue teaching about “non-self” with two candles

Live events during the Holy Season

Sunday, December 24

6am (PST) / 9am (EST) / 3pm (CET)

Dharma talk by Br. Phap Huu

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Sunday, December 24

4:15pm (PST) / 7:15pm (EST) / 1:15am – Monday 25th (CET)

Dharma talk by Sr. Dang Nghiem

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Sunday, December 31

6am (PST) / 9am (EST) / 3pm (CET)

Dharma talk by Sister Chan Duc

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Sunday, December 31

2:30pm (PST) / 5:30pm (EST) / 11:30pm (CET)

Ceremony to welcome the new year

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