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Chanting / The Great Bell Chant (The End of Suffering)

In Plum Village Practice centers worldwide, we chant the Great Bell Chant every day. The sound of the Great Bell is so beautiful and helps us to calm our mind, relax our body. We come back to our true home and generate compassion for all living beings. We send our peaceful energy through the sound of the bell and wish that they can hear it clearly so that all suffering in them cease.

We would like to invite you to listen to the Great Bell Chant with a reading by Thay (Thich Nhat Hanh) and chanting by Br Phap Niem. There is another full version, chanted by Sr Mai Nghiem.

The Great Bell Chant 7:13
The Great Bell Chant 27:41

May the sound of this bell

penetrate deep into the cosmos

Even in the darkest spots

Living beings are able to hear it clearly

So that all suffering in them cease

Understanding comes to their hearts

And they transcend the  path

Of sorrow and death.

The universal Dharma Door

Is already open

The sound of the Rising Tide is heard clearly

The miracle happens

A beautiful child appears in the heart of a lotus flower

One single drop of this compassionate water

Is enough to bring back the refreshing spring

To our mountains and rivers.

Listening to the bell

I feel the afflictions in me begin to dissolve

My mind calm, my body relaxed

A smile is born on my lips

Following the sound of the bell

My breath brings me back to the safe island of mindfulness

In the garden of my heart

The flowers of Peace

Bloom beautifully.

Drawing by sister Trang Tuyet Hoa

You can find more Plum Village chants here.

The album of Plum Village chanting, “Chanting As a River” is available to listen to on Youtube music and Spotify. (Also available on other music streaming/download services.)

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