Coming with Children aged 0-17

This is a table to present the status of Children and Teen’s Programs across 3 hamlets of Plum Village. You can check this table first before proceeding to go through the registration flow. 

Status explanations in the table: 

No Program” means that there is no program taking place for that week. 

Waiting List” means that you can proceed to make your request through the registration flow to join this list. 

Overflow List” means that all the Waiting List spots are full, but you can make your request through the registration flow to be in line to join the Waiting List 

Fully Booked” means that the above lists are no longer accepting requests for that program in that week, so you do not need to try to make a request at this stage. You can come back to the registration page to check the status another day in case a spot in the “Overflow List” becomes available

Please consider the following information carefully when coming as a Family :

  • Please register all members of your family including babies and children 5 years and younger.
  • Our system cannot accept more than 3 adults and 6 children in one reservation.
  • Children or teenagers that are registered in programs must have a parent or a guardian sleeping in the same hamlet.
  • Camping will be the only form of accommodation available for families in all three hamlets.
  • We call “Family” a group composed of children from 0-17 including only parent(s) or guardian(s).
  • We call “Extended Family other family members such as grandparents, or aunts and uncles that wish to reserve a different accommodation.
  • We call a “Guardian” any adult that accepts to be responsible and takes care of a child. This can be a friend or any member of your household that is 18 and older.

Please select amongst the following options the one that corresponds to your situation.

Option 1 –
Coming with extended family members
Option 2
Coming with friends who also have Children
Option 3
Coming with friends who don’t have children
Option 4 –
Coming only with my family
You partner
Your children
a family relative that is not a guardian
Your partner
Your children
friends who also have children
Your partner
Your children
friends who don’t have children
Your Partner
or Alone
Your Children

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